Bio Design?


I'm not sure. Haven't seen any yet, its always been red in the films but its those kind of things that can sometimes be the coolest part that help 2 make a predator suit ur own!
I did something sort of like that w/ my lasers. I got mine from sure electronics, a seller on ebay & they are sweeeeeet...super bright plus have an adjustable focus on the beam itself. When its focus is adjusted out, away from a red dot shape, it turns into a long, thin rectanglular sort of shape. I used this to make my tri-beam look just like the targeting laser logo seen in the upper left hunters lair logo on top of the forum pages. Everyone who's seen it has absolutely loved it & I do as well.

So, just because no one else's done it yet is never a reason u shouldn't at least give it a shot & see what turns out!
If I never stepped outside the box, I wouldn't have had any of my best ideas. Trust me, I'm well known for staying WAAAAY the hell outside of anything even resembling a box...check out some of my threads & you'll see what I mean! :)

Welcome to the hunt!