Bio Helmet help



How have you guys gone about making a resin mask to fit the creature mask. I know i need a flexible. I plan to sculpt ontop of a pull of my pred face. Im just not sure about a few things. If i sculpt on top of a latex pull how wouldnt i need to fill the mask with something so it doesnt cave in while sculpting?

For making a flexible mold I was going to get some silicone thickner and paint the silicone over the mask with a brush. After the silicone cures i was going to apply ultra cal directly over the silicone on the mask. Anyone think this will work..if not how should i approach this. Any info is appreciated


Well im not versed in the mask molding and pulling area yet but my opinion is to do a blank pull of your mask and then fill it with a 2 part expanding foam. That should take care of the caving in problem