bio helmet lasers

Hi guys i need to ask a few questions about lasers for my bio,i dont have the bio yet but i want to assemble the laser rig first.
im not sure how safe it would be to mount 3 lasers near my head,not sure what power to go for,i have a few options.

1) 1mw 3v laser module.

Dimensions: 10.5mm (dia) x 28mm (L) ±0.5mm
Beam aperture: 2.8mm (dia)
Wavelength: 670nm
Power supply: 5Vdc
Operating current:


you could use any of these lazars but the more power meens the bbrighter the beam and the less safe they are but all of them are ok to use i would tend to go for the smaller dot size ....

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I would pick #3, they will give you more flexibility.

3)635 nm High Power Red Laser Diode
Adjustable Power Output and Focus.

Operating Current: 60 mA
Operating Voltage: 3.0 VDC to 4.5 VDC
Spot size: At 5 meters is 6mm diameter
Operating Temperature: -10 C to 40 C
Range: 2600 Feet
Power: 1mw - 4.99mw
Diode: 635 nm industrial grade rated at 12,000 to 15,000 hours constant on operation.


A long time a go in a galaxy far far awa.......Sorry. In the dim and distant past of the old Lair, I recall reading a how to regarding constructing sets of Bio lasers from laser pointers. just a quick soldering job and a shed load of time to line them up. Does anyone still have that article? I know I did but I'm damned if I can find it. If I remember correctly the pics were most helpful.
I start my laser assembly next week so i will post a how to with all the links where i bought the stuff,just need to get my bio first then i will start.