Bio Need Help!!!


i am really new to this and want to know how i should construct the bio helmet of an AVP predator. Im not sure what predator in AVP it is but i think it is scar. i dont want to know how to make the actual face i just want the helmet that fits on my head. If any can help me that would be great.


I've seen very well-executed home-made bios made of everything from paper mache to spray insulation foam to model parts and toy bits.
If I were doing a budget bio, I would go with the spray insulation foam over a basic wire shape. Once it's cured, and the wire is removed, you can carve the foam to the bio shape that you want. Check the Tutorial and Arsenal sections to see if the spray foam bio is posted.

If you can't find the info, check back with us here and we might be able to do up a basic tutorial of how to do a bio out of spray foam.