Bio Sculpting

Blood Seeker

Hey guys I'm a complete novice at any form of sculpting but I'm interested in at least attempting to sculpt a bio and was wondering what you use to base the initial sculpt on. do you use some kind of negative mold (cast of the inside of the bio) or do you just judge it by eye?

I'm not even sure of the dimensions of a full size bio yet.

IF I ever get around to sculpting one what do you cast them in? I'm sure resin wouldn't be a particularly good choice for a wearable bio, I guess fibreglass is strongest yes?
I personally sculpted my Bio on a raw pull of my pred mask that was packed out with semi rigid foam to give it support, which once I'd gotten the basic dimensions and fit for the maks correct I transferred to a more rigid armature for the final part of finishing it and then molding. The reason I sculpted on my mask to begin with was to ensure the correct fit as not all masks are made the same size. Hope this helps.


I sculpt my Bios on a wooden head blank. The kind that wigmakers use, so the size is about bang on for an average size head and gives you a good idea for dimensions when building up your Bio in clay. As for exact dimensions I tend to guage this by eye and I estimate that I'm probably off by a couple of inches with the overall size, mainly because I don't want to appear as a bobblehead when fully suited up. As for the material I use for casting it in. I go for "Bitrex" resin. It's a two part 1:1 mix and is designed for slush casting. It needs no additional fibreglass for support and has great detail pick up. The Bios are rigid and yet do have a bit of give in them so don't crack if you knock em about a bit.