Birth of a Hybrid Life Size Wall Plaque W.I.P (pic heavy)


Way cool-- what are the dimensions of this epic piece?
I would love to get the mold of this bad boy and take it to my foundry and get it cast in metal!!!


Here's all the colors that I used:

1) undercoat- Flat Black #29 aerosol paint Brand: Anchor Spray Paint
2) skin base color- Ivory #060 aerosol paint Brand: TOA Spray paint
3) skin shadows dark tones-Mahogany #65 aerosol paint Brand: Anchor Spray paint
4) mandible flesh parts-Vermillion #15 aerosol paint Brand: Pylox Spray paint
5) flesh parts shadows dark tones-Vermillion + Flat Black (nos. 4 & 1)
6) Dreads base color- Dark Grey #25 Brand: Pylox Spray paint
7) Dreads shadows and dark tones & neck guard- Flat black #29 aerosol paint (no. 1)
8) Alien resin thingie- Apple Green #32 aerosol paint Brand: Anchor Spray paint
*note: These spray paints were airbrushed onto the wall plaque.

9) Most of the shadow highlights were washed usng Burnt Umber #223, diluted in turpentine Brand: Rowney Georgian Oil Color

Oh, and I used tines from 2 cheap combs for the quills. Thanks Darth Pinhead! o_O

Eaglewood: the whole thing is about 20 1/2" (width) x 28"(height) 1:1 scale. You can cast it in metal? Damn! That would be superb! You can try and ask my friend wether he still has the molds. Here's his blog address:

I've finished the damn thing just haven't uploaded the pics yet 'cause for some reason, I can't upload them from my Mac. For the time being, here's a sneak peak my friend snapped.. I'll upload the rest tomorrow.


Email sent to inquire about the mold. If not maybe we can mold yours?
I'm not sure if you can mold mine coz the whole thing has been glued together and all. Plus, I gotta talk to my friend first as this is his sculpt after all..But it would be SUPER if you can pull it off and turn it to metal!

Anyway, here's the pics as promised. Thanks for all the positive comments y'all. Hopefully I can do better next time!