Bit O' Help Please

Blood Seeker

Hey guys

Got a sort of idea bubbling and was just wondering what people thought of it.

I've just this minute ordered a predator kit.

My idea is to attempt to paint him up so that it looks like he's albino.

Do you reckon it would work?

Most of my experience in model painting comes from either busts or wargame miniatures so this isn't going to be an easy paint for me anyway, plus I don't own an airbrush so it will be brush painted with acrylics.

As I said I've only just ordered the figure so it could be a while before anything comes of this but I thought I'd ask for a bit of constructive pre-criticism. :)


Hi Blood Seeker, pretty sure there was an albino pred in the "S.E.E.D." fanfilm. It might be worth checking out to give you some concept ideas !!!


I believe there was an albino Predator in Batman: Dead End.

Dan has some BTS pics on his other site

AL :)