Boar Bio Massacre


So I purchased this Boar Bio from Fleabay about 8-12 months ago and it just sat around at home coz it didn't fit my undermask I have. What a waste, I thought.
Until now.

I recently purchased a DB P2 Mask from DangerDavey and thought I'd see what the Boar mask would like like on it.
Well, it fits doesn't it, much to my surprise!! And happiness.
I figured that I didn't really like the look of the mask itself and felt it was lacking in some respects, so I have started doing some mods to it.

It would be nice to get some feedback from any of you as to the look and progress as I continue on my quest, and I don't care whether it's constructive criticism or straight out "man that sux", but at least I'd have an idea B)

PIC 1 & 2: The original Bio



Pic 3 & 4: After my mods



Pic 4 shows the Bio Side View. I have drawn some lines on the pic to show an idea I have of cutting off the upper jaw bone area.
Anyone have any thoughts on this?
Personally I think it would look better than with it.

I still have some work to do on the texturing and sanding and some light touch ups prior to painting it but you get my drift.

And I don't know who made the Bio or whether or not it's a recast, but judging by the quality of it when received, I'd say it probably wasn't any of you guys here :)


Is it a Gort?
Possibly it is but either way, I didn't like it the way it was originally so I hacked into it.
I'm pretty sure it was listed as a Boar when I purchased it :S
I'll take the sideburns off as I'm sure it'll look better, then start on sanding it down.

I thought this Bio was called Gort. The Boar is different I believe


I'm kinda torn on the "sideburns"... If you do remove those pieces, I'd also consider removing that small indentation above the sideburn and behind the eyes. I think it would be a creative accent to the pieces you've already removed. Overall, though, I like it a lot more than the original unaltered version.



Great guys.
Thanks for your input.

I'll remove those today including the temple indentation.

I see the boar Bio on the site and man that looks cool!
Nothing like what I have but also, what I have seems to be a variation of the Gort and not an actual Gort itself.

Oh well........


Mannowar- Recently purchased armor from him..better than looking on ebay. look forward to doing buisness again Scott.
DangerDavey- Recently purchased one of his great Elder masks..Great service and no problems at all..Another awesome sale..


I was torn about the sideburns, but they definitely had to go. The temple cutaway looks cool too... I like it.


Okay, I think I'm done with the mods now.

The mods:



I primed it and painted it matt black before deciding to make the following mods, and now I'm kinda happy with it.
So this weekend, I'll start on painting it up.


Considering the rule, "form follows function" how does this bio function as a breathing aparatus if it's opened up?
Don't get me wrong, I really love the look of this, especially the latest revision. The symbols, etc. are a nice touch.
carlart B)


Don't listen to Carlart, he's a recaster. That piece looks way better than it did. And Carl, that bio was made for a planet where the atmosphere is closer to the predators own so it doesn't need the full face.OK? So go rain on someone else's link. B)