Breathing in mask


Sorry for my stupid question, but I can´t find it here:

How do you breathe in mask? Where is some hole for it usually?
I´m looking on many masks but can´t find hole for bretahing?

Thanks for answer.


now that would be an amusing death to report.. "Cause of death? HE FORGOT TO MAKE A ******* BREATHING HOLE!"

lol :)

Never mind the hours it takes making the thing.. forget the breathing hole and you are screwed ^^


WOW!!! That would really suck, You better rig a life alert button on your gaunts just in case........ :)


Ha ha :) Don´t forget, that bio gives you bretahing without mount hole :) ...

So still can´t imagine where the hole is?

Can someone post drawing of it? Or photo of mask, where the hole is shown?


Hey TMI.... I bought one of the Sumo Air suits. Gonna give your suit cooler a shot. I have the diagram you drew up, any more advice you can think of?


dont take me wrong , but man that question make´s me laugh a lot. :)

only imagine a guy in a suit whitout a vent hole , his face purple a the eyes red like hell for the less of air :)


But my question wasn´t "how do you breath without hole", but "where hole usually is", cause I can´t find this hole on photos of masks!
So I want to see it, or see some drawing ...
And btw. TMI hasn´t mount hole, but some other way ...

Is there someone, who can post some usefull information, or people, who don´t know and can ROFL only?
hi wisdom,
my mask (unmasked :no-bio predator mask) has a small hole in its "mouth" that i can easily breath through.
i have another mask,to recreate the "bio-on" look also.
the bio-undermask/bio combo has no front mandibles on it.
the undermask has a huge hole cut out of it (essentially,the entire face is cut-out) and then the bio has been velcroed onto the mask.
there is a large space between the "face" of the undermask (ie:where my own head/face sits inside the foam latex undermask).......
and the inside front of the bio helmet.
because the mandibles are not attatched to the undermask,at the bottom front of the bio/undermask combo,.........there is a large space
that allows me to breah easily.

the "unmasked" predator mask is a lil harder (ie:hotter) to wear,but i can still breath through the small hole in the mouth.
hope this helps............

p.s,........although its not a canon look: i have black mesh in the eye lenses of the bio (as opposed to the more accurate plastic lense)
.....this allows air to pass into the mask also,which makes wearing the helmet/undermask combo easier.

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A lot of people cut a hole right behind the bottom teeth. It is hard to see do to the teeth covering it up. You can also make hole under the dreads to allow air in and not to be seen. The first time I wore a mask with out holes I got light headed after 15min do to carbon monoxide, so if you going hole less make sure to take off the mask regularly so not to get sick.

Tjauke Zazin

Here, I've got a picture to show you if you still need to know. Of course, it is of the ''official'' mask you can buy in Halloween and costume stores, and I just picked it up off eBay, but hey, it'll give you a good view. Take a look to the sides in the mouth.
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Ähm... you can also install a small CPU-fan powerd by a 9V batterie! It cools and bring fresh air in.

Best way I think

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Ähm... you can also install a small CPU-fan powerd by a 9V batterie! It cools and bring fresh air in.

Best way I think
I did this with my mask. I have one of the faceless masks worn with the bio helmet, and in using a P2 bio, I cut out the row of holes on the right temple of the bio and covered the back with window screen. I installed a CPU fan inside the bio by this point. It sucks in air through the holes and blows it across my forehead. Any little bit helps with these hot costumes.


I don't cut any holes in my mask. As long as its not sealed around your neck you wont suffocate. You might get a little high though from breathing your own oxygen.