building a hunter (part1) duct tape PREDATOR

I've traveled many galaxies alone in my space ship from my home planet Yautja Prime. In search of a new planet every time I come across worth hunting for prey. I came across a hot and dry terrain called TEXAS and have landed here where I have hunted and collected my trophies, such as skulls, weapons, and other things from this area. On my home planet I saw other hunters upgrading there weaponry as years gone by hunting on this planet called Earth. But I never changed my ways of hunting. I'm a primitive hunter, using the most basic techniques known to man. Someday perhaps I will adapt my Yautja ways in combat, but for now, I'm bringing my ways to man kind. Building Yautja weaponry so that someday humans can understand what we are,... we are PREDATORS.

Perhaps the most BASIC weaponry we carry with us on a hunt is our bladed gauntlet. This piece is made with the most effective materials known to humans. Foam board and hot glue. Wrapping their material with my own personal technology I brought from my home planet is a GOLD metallic layering material humans call DUCT TAPE. It's great against the acid blood of xenomorphs.

My helmet is made from what humans call a paintball mask. It's in the earliest stages of my species design. I layered it with GOLD protective material already due for a much upgraded resemblance to other bio masks from my home planet. Perhaps in later time I will make one from scratch.
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My GREATEST tools for survival on any planet is my combo pack. It's made from human materials such as (2 single gallon Jugs taped together with metallic gold tape with some pieces made of foam cardboard). This design is for housing my plasma caster located above my shoulder pad and for medical supplies such as surgical tools and chemical based antibiotics. I can also carry multiple skulls latched to it's side.

Here is another gauntlet I have designed and prepared, used only for a self destruct device for our kind. The top compartment opens up revealing a technology not known to man. My device has been disabled at the moment and is in need of technical support. Perhaps in a later time a will fix this problem but for now it is only a template of where a small bomb should go built only by our species.
In the future I'm planning to UPGRADE some if not all aspects of my weaponry including a bio mask build I'm planning to do from scratch. Using cardboard and fiberglass I think I can make one. Also a PREDATOR FACE build out of duct tape that I think can be possible. Anyways a skin suit out of duct tape is my next build :)
Good progress on the bio it now needs a name .
I don't know bout a name..? I would have to put my costume together and see it as a whole. I like bones, skulls, outdoors, light on the armor.. collecting simple weapons.

"PRIMAL" comes to mind, my bio mask is called.. PRIMAL.