building a hunter (part1) duct tape PREDATOR

Something NEW on my trophy WALL, I'll be posting about 3 NEW PREDATOR builds on my YouTube channel this weekend, including the T-800 build, a D.I.Y bloody spinal rip prop, plus trophy kill props!!! :) be sure to check them out, and tell me what you think fellow HUNTERS.
Nice collection Texas Predator. You must have a good stud finder . I would have all sorts of holes , then frustration would set in and they would end up in a box.
I've started my builds in good fun, then wanted to show them off building a trophy WALL like from the PREDATOR movies :) you should NEVER box your BUILDS vebo!! Show them off, even if they look BASIC enough. I use hot glue, foam boards and tiny play doh cups. Though my WIFE think's I've gone PREDATOR crazy, LOL!!! :) I tell her I'm not finished yet.
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Nice collection Texas Predator. You must have a good stud finder . I would have all sorts of holes , then frustration would set in and they would end up in a box.
I'm thinking bout being a HEAD HUNTER, collecting heads from different COMIC'S, such as dredd vs PREDATOR, bat man vs PREDATOR, etc. And having there heads on my trophy wall as COSPLAY BUILDS, lol :)
HELLO fellow HUNTERS, this is THE TEXAS PREDATOR!! :) I'm happy to upload some early PREDATOR pictures TONIGHT!! I admit when I put on my bottom half of my suit I said, "Jesus Christ! I gotta lose some weight." LOL! But seriously my DUCT tape suit is no joke, it doesn't stretch at all and it restricts a lot of my movement. I don't know how latex feel like but it's GOTTA be BETTER than duct tape! :) maybe next year i'll start my latex suit. But here are some pictures of my costume I made this HALLOWEEN, so far with out ARMOR or combo pack! And I forgot my spinal rip prop, there's always next time. Anyways here's my suit so far! Enjoy :)
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Oh YEAH, one thing I DIDN'T like about my DUCT tape SUIT was the shedding or cracking of my SKIN!! Literally my skin was flaking a lot of my top skin :( I'm GONNA have to give a fresh paint job a week before HALLOWEEN. This time I'll add EVERYTHING plus a YouTube video of my entire costume! :) laters for now fellow HUNTERS!
Here are some more pictures of me this morning!

Here I am wearing the Dragon style bio MASK, :)

Hope you guys enjoyed the morning pics, now when HALLOWEEN comes around I'll be waiting :) SPECIAL thanks to all of you guys for the moral support, I know using duct tape was a bit of a different technique than others prefer, but it worked for me and maybe for other newbie HUNTERS who wish to try.
Oh YEAH, I have my YouTube video uploaded on my CHANNEL of my DUCT TAPE PREDATOR suit completed, so make sure you HUNTERS check that out, it was a bit funny.. LOL :)


I see your ready for the hunt . NiCE !!!!!!
I I could be as fortunate to completely finish and not rush to finish Wolf . The neighbors are going to call the cops