Building full suit


I´m from the Czech Republic (center europe state) and I´m big predator and alien fan.
So I decide to make full suit of pred. I didn´t find any czech site like this, and I´m bequest to your forum.
I searched this great site and looked for everything what I need to know.
But because I´m not from your country, I have problem to understand some things and materials.
I hope, you´ll help me and explain all things to me.

It´s a little bit difficult for me to search and read all your posts (my english isn´t so good), so I hope then you´ll help me with construction too...
I´l be very glad, if you can post some links of tutorials for making...

For sure, I´m looking for the best and cheapest ways

Here it´s my knowledge and plan (is it good?):

1) build costume
2) build armor and weapons
3) build or buy mask with helmet
4) if possible, build some technics (lasers, sounds, etc.)
5) complete predator ;)

I know, it´ll be a hard work with plenty of time, but your posts and photos will help me do this very well.
(maybye, I´ll be first in our contry and you´ll be those who helped me;)

Then, my questions:

ad 1)
there is my plan
- build a duct-tape dummy (separate body and legs)
- buy elastic trousers and elastic longsleeve t-shirt (or collar) and dress it to dummy
- buy foam and glue it to as a muscle (which foam? where to buy?)
- cover all muscle with last row of foam
- buy latex and aply it on whole suit (what is it? I know latex sex costumes, but don´t know what is your latex? it´s liquid? official name? where to buy?)
- finnaly, paint all suit (what sort of paint? and how to apply? I haven´t airbrush and it´s expensive to buy only for that)

ad 2)
there is a my plan -
- buy fun foam and make all things (what is fun foam? we have nothing like "fun" foam so I don´t know what I need to search in our country)
- paint all things as metal look

ad 3)
Is better to buy it, or create own? I find this ... it´s cheap I think:


maybye I´ll prefer buy it, because I don´t know how to create it and I think it can be very difficult and expensive ... am I right?

ad 4)
it´s a very future plan, so I´ll think about it later - but for now, I´m searching how to make lasers ... can´t decide between lasers and leds
the worst thing is - I have any knowledge about electronics - do you think I´m able to make pred lasers? B)

ad 5)
so, I´ll be happy when I´ll finish it and for sure, I´ll show photos of all my progress here ...
then, I´ĺl use this costume for some movies (I´m amateur filmer ...) and for airsoft team of my friend (they want to arrange AVP battles:)
but, I think that theirs bullets can be dangerous for suit, so we´ll make it without bullets only for filming...or I don´t have to worry of bullets?

So that´s all ... sorry about this post - I know, all answers for my questions I can find in this forum and around net, but please understand, that it´s difficult for me, cause I´m from very different country. Thanks friends and I very happy, that I found this site!!!
welcome czech hunter!

the type of latex you need is the liquid stuffe HERE

Paint for suit HERE

fun foam is the foam you can find at craft stores

and what ever you do, do NOT buy that mask, its cheap, over sized, and a pice of junk


Thanks for tips ... so It´s very hard to find this material in my country, but maybye I found it ...will see next week.

SO, first thing in my plan must be - BULID MASK ... it´s first step, which decide about future and show if I´m able to make whole suit.

I found many things about creatings human masks (create sculpture,mold and finally mask), but predator look little difficult.

So, can you post me some link on Predator mask tutorial? Step by step with photos?

And one question with it - what´s about front part of mounth - is it free movable (open and close mounth)?



I think the basic idea was to let people find there own way of making the stuff? But a tutorial on "Latex for first timers" just giving a brief 1-10 points of *sculpt clay, cast plaster* stuff like that.. as my knowledge is also full of holes in the making of it and rather then wasting my lovely money making something that looks like a terrified cat impaled on a tooth.. A basic mask building tut would be handy.... what you guys think?