Burman Foam or regular Latex?



Hi guys,
I would like some info here to help me out!
Im going to make my first mask.
The clay Im using is
Chavant NSP Medium clay, is that an ok clay?
The plaster Im using is Ultracal 30 is that good?
Now to the tricky parts, the latex...
Should I use prevulc. latex for like 10$ a Liter
or the Burman foam latex kit for a hell lot of more?
Because I always get the answer of Burman, but because of all the pieces that sticks out is it to soft? well
Help me out here before I spend to much cash
thx m8s


Have a word with monsterroom. he sells some great latex. good price aswell.


Smack me if I'm wrong, but I think foam latex breaks down a lot faster than regular latex. It is also more delicate and tears easier unless you have nice latex skin.



Do you plan on just making a regular mask to wear(like halloween type) or do you want to do an animatronic mask?
If you just want a regular mask go with regular latex. you can make a two piece mold and slush cast it or build layers.

For foam you will need a two piece mold with a core. Foam can also be very tricky for a beginner and you will end up running a few batches or more to get a good mask.

I would go with Latex first, you can always do foam later on if you want.
Oh and Ultracal is great for both.


ahh alright,
Well, I spoke with a salesman and he told me that a regular oven could be used,
But you are right, I think I will try with regular latex first and then advance to foam latex.
But it would be a waste of a mask if the mask turn out badly because of the latex type.
Well, we don't celebrate Haloween here in Sweden, hehe...
I want to make a suit and mask that looks very realistic and well... why do we all make mask? I think I have the same answer like all of the fans and fanatics.
So If I get the info right, if I use foam latex it has some complications, but the mask will be much more realistic but it will tear easy and brake down more quick.
Regular latex will be stronger... but Do regular latex turn out as a good mask, dows it look realistic after a good paintjob?
what would you guys use? and for the body suit?
thx again


You can use a regular oven.....But DON'T. Foam latex I beilieve is a bit of leap for a beginner, it's an artform in itself to get right. If you do progress to running foam you can build a pretty inexpensive oven. As you say start off with normal slip latex and progress when you have a handle on that or when you want to do an animatronic piece