Calling all UK Preds

How many of you have made your skins for your suit out of latex? I'm looking for some info on local suppliers.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, it's only the skin suit I have left to do.

Thanks :rolleyes:


I've not cast my suit out of latex, but I have applied latex over a spandex body suit to great effect. The best place I've found for liquid latex is Tiranti's. You can find them online. Also any questions you have regarding the use of materials they stock will be more than happily answered if you give them a call. I get all my stuff from them, be it resin latex or other molding/sculpting materials. Their service is bang on with deliveries usually arriving within 48hrs.
I hope this helps :rolleyes:


Veteran Hunter
whichever latex you end up using, IF its very thin, use a GEL thickener, the powder ones are shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiite.

You can pick up 5ltrs of latex on ebay quite cheap, if you wish to try out what you are doing before laying out alot of money.
Thanks ordered some from Tiranti's

Is it best to apply to the suit while wearing it? or onto a manaquin if so how do you create the muscle chest?
I'm no arnie or Kevin Peter Hall :rolleyes:


I applied my latex while the body glove was on a manaquin. As for the muscle structure you need to use upholstery foam, the real dense stuff. This isn't cheap, at least in the U.K. it isn't, but you maybe able to get some offcuts if you ask nicely. You need to carve this out. Make the muscles thin, don't go too overblown as when you stick them onto your suit prior to covering it with latex, your own muscle structure will make you look as if someone shoved an air hose up your ass and inflated you. I didn't go this route and instead wanted to give the appearance using inks and paint. It's whatever option works for you.


If your going to cut foam wearing the suit and then get a friend to roughly sketch an outline onto the foam where your pex is and work off your own chest to get a more natural look