Celtic predator build (EXTREMELY PIC HEAVY!!!!)


The newly revamped Celtic. Build pictures coming soon. New skins and feet casted and painted by ruffkin-toy. Bio by Art Gonzalez paintee by ruffkin-toy. Hands by monsterroom, painted by ruffkin toy. Spear by seahunter. All other parts painted and assembled by me.



Ok...so my jaw dropped by the time I was on the like fifth pic. But actually seeing you guys all put together? Speechless.
I was looking at your build, awesome job btw. I saw the spring lock assembly for the blade extension, but I didn't see how you retract them. Do you push on the blades themselves or is there a pin you pull to re-set them? it's very clever using drawer tracks for the blade assembly, I wouldn't have thought of that. I'm building 2 preds at the moment (celtic for me and avp ancient for my wife).


Dude I just viewed your thread from beginning to end and I'm blown away! I keep saying it to the younger generation, but it's not what you have it's what you can do with what you have! Your ability to work with limited resources, common materials, to create what you did is ******* worthy of an award! You rock my friend!