celtic yautjas apologie...........


celtic yautja

hi guys & gals.
about 8 months ago,i bought the most amazing,kick arse suit from dan snyder.
i totaly love my suit,and wear it with pride.the workmanship is excellent in my opinion.
last week,i recieved a scar bio & plasmacaster from dan.
i complained to dan,beacause i felt the bio wasn't up to speed.
i sent him an email,to explain my thoughts.
i think now,i was unkind to dan,and i wish to publicly express my regret for my action towards dan.dan has done nothing but show me kindness,and fairness in trade.
(dan shipped out another bio,at his expense yesterday........boy,i am such a ****........)
dan,...im sorry mate,i was wrong.
i hope to buy another suit from you shortly.i hope you would consider my custom...........thanks dan,lance.


Lance, you show some great character with this post, and bravo for Dan taking care of you, that speaks volumes, and would persuade me to buy a suit from him.

celtic yautja

i asked dan to make me a suit,as a comission (i think thats what you call it ?)
i sent him some seriously big dollars (for me,that is...lol )
and waddya know.......he emailed me once he recieved payment,and updated me almost daily,as my suit was made from scratch.dan sent me pix of my suit,with an explanation
of what was heppening in the pix also.
i recieved my suit a month later.
thankyou dan for firstly,taking payment from a stranger (me !!)
who lives on the arse end of our planet (lol !!)
and doing me a huge favour,by supplying me with the most kick arse suit this side of the planet !!
(thanks to dan,im the first predator "down under")
i recommend dan to anyone who wants to deal,and needs a
trustworthy deal.
.......dan,you the freekin man,...........thankyou my friend.