Ceremonial Dagger


Thx for the kind comments!

Yes its real metal. I can do it from aluminium or any other stuff too.

Maybe Im going to build a small limited series where everyone is a unique piece with a diffrent handle.

There are nice pieces of wood for knifes. My newest one is a nice piece that is combined with liquid blue plastic under vacuum.

Gives it a really nice appearance...


Duuude! That is FANTASTIC! I wouldn't even begin to know how to work metal like that. Killer dagger man! GOOD JOB!

carpe noctem

damn!!! love to have one, its really amazing , real materials, , the blade is very nice and the wood handle is even better....great job


Thx again! :) Nice to see some people beeing happy about seein something that I did.

U all know this, when u build something youre always critical if its nice or not... so your comments make me smile too

and I think that ive build something good...

What do you think would be nice? building a vertical stand or a horizontal for display?

Making a Collectors Piece needing a nice Box made from old wood with leather straps?

let me know what you think...