cheap and help


whats a cheaper way to cast your hands and legs instead of alginate and if someone says alginate can you give me a cheap price.i sculpted mt pieces of armour and i put plster over it mayber 3 or 4 layers it keeps falling apart any helpful comments.


I've done this in the past and it worked pretty well. You can use plaster bandage.

Either visually or with a water soluble ink, divide your hand into an upper and lower half. Pre-cut the bandage into short strips of about 4cm in length (make sure you have enough) and then after dipping them into water start to apply each length around the upper half of your hand making sure you have a good thick seam, so each half will mate up later.

Once done repeat the process on the lower half, keeping the upper half in place. Then once dry you can remove the two halfs. After applying vasaline to the inside of each half, put them together and seal the seam with more bandage.

Now you can mix the plaster and pour into the mold. Once cured you will be able to remove each mold half (don't worry about destroying them as they are waste) and you should have a plaster version of your hand ready to sculpt on top of.

This is a dirt cheap method and although a little fiddly, it will achieve what you want. I hope this helps



Yeah that is cheaper and slightly tricker method than using Alginate, just remember to ensure your hand has a good layer(not to thick) of vasaline or other gel or else you may lose a few pesky hairs!!OUCH!!

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not sure if it will work for you but weve recently done some aluminum foil and duct tape casts for other costumes.i did 2 full heads.1 for an emperor and one for a wookie.we wrapped some aluminum foil around their head and began duct taping.after lots of lavers we cut it up the back and pulled it off.we taped up the cut and filled it up with plaster.
we also did a stocking and duct tape worked really good.especially since your really only needing the basic shape to sculpt over.
we put on a dress stocking(the thin kind like for tuxedos) and wrapped the dudes leg from knee down.after a bunch of wraps it slid right off.we then filled it with plaster and it made a very close dummy leg to work with .