Chestburster- 7.20- Pictures are up!



I'm thinking this belongs here becuase it kinda pertains to Predators since AVP...

Anyways, I just finished sculpting (for the most part) an alien chestburster.

He looks pretty good so far, I like it. No pics yet, brother has the camera.

Anyways, I split it right in two for molding ease.

The "body" consists of the head down to where it's "waist" is, the thickest part of it.

Then the tail is seperate, so I don't have to have an exact molding line down the whole chestburster.

Once the parts are cast in latex, I will just use more latex to glue them together..

Depending on how the mold turns out, I may cast more than a few of them up.

Total length of it is 24 inches...

What do you think? Sorry for the bad pics, my sister took the camera with her to work.

I was trying to go for an ALIEN style chesburster... the original.


The only thing I'm not sure of is the teeth. Should I make a silicone mold for the teeth and cast them in resin? They're so small I think it would kind of be a waste. I'm not sure how they did it in the movie...


Well I'm going to spend some more time smoothing him out and working on the teeth... I'll get pictures up tonight.
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