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  1. Huntress

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    So this is finally very own Predator costume!

    I've been a fan of Predator since watching the original in the theatre many, many years ago. I've seen a few Predator cosplay costumes over the years and dreamed one day I'll have one. Then late last summer I stumbled across a female Predator Costume that was created by Wreav and his team of artists Scott and TJ and I immediately fell in love with her. As a woman this was an amazing discovery as it combined what I love of the Predator character and beauty of the female form. I thought if I'm ever going to do a Predator it's going to be a Huntress like this.

    After that I started following Wreav on FB with a distant dream that one day I'll have a costume like their Huntress. A few months later I saw their second Huntress creation; the Arctic Predator another beautiful costume and it refuelled my passion in the dream of having a costume like these.

    So after months and months of following Wreav I decided I had to reachout to Wreav regarding my interest in his female Predator costumes. I had no idea how much these cost but needed to know if I could afford one. I have 5 Star Wars costumes that I've built and made and cosplay in with the 501st legion so I was well aware what high end costumes can cost. I was pleased to find out the Huntress wasn't crazy expensive. It's still a significant price but sadly in my range so I knew then I was hooked and had to order one.

    We had several long chats on messenger and discussed what I wanted for my Huntress and I have to say how wonderful Wreav was answering all my questions and collaborating with me over my vision for their Huntress costume. I mocked up my vision in photoshop and worked with Wreav to refine my Huntress and finally settled on what my Predator will be.

    Initially I was concerned about fitting their costume as I'm a 6'2" tall woman but after reviewing my measurements they assured me that I'll fit the costume and that they can modify it to fit me if need be. In our chats I discovered that I'm actually really close to where his team that makes the costumes live. Only a hour drive away. So they offered for me to visit once my skin suit was ready for a fitting.

    Their incredible Golden Jungle Predator was in production when we started chatting and they had a third Huntress lined up after that one so my Predator would be next up. So the waiting game begins...It's probably only been about 6 weeks since I first chatted with Wreav but it's felt like forever while I waited for them to start work on my costume.

    Well, finally I got the message that the skin was casting for my costume and a week or so later it would be complete and together so it was time to come out for a fitting. On March 4th I headed out to meet the team. The guys are great and very welcoming. I tried on the beautiful skin suit and it was a tight fit certainly not a costume to dress in by yourself. The legs slide up and everything fitted like a glove. The arms and torso slips on next and I have to say this skin suit was made for me, well almost. Everything fit like a glove except in the back but that's the area I was concerned about. From my youth being a bodybuilder for 10 years I have a much broader back and that left a gap in the back. Luckily it's an easy fix they'll cast an extra back section to fill the gap and all will be good.

    The front view of the Huntress torso skin.
    The back with the gap.

    Right sleeve creases are my top underneath bunched up under the latex.

    Measuring to close the gap in the back.

    I saw all the armour pieces that get added on and tried on the head, the hands, and feet thankfully all work and fit really well, I'm so beyond thrilled. Its super exciting seeing everything in their workshop all the various moulds for different predators and various pieces in progress. We went over my paint mock ups I did and how they will handle them and discussed the dreads and the other extra "secret for now" touches I'm adding to my costume. I'm super excited knowing in the next 6-8 weeks my Predator will be finished and my dream will be finally real. Can't wait to return back to pick it up and bring her home!

    More progress photos to follow in the coming weeks...

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  2. LunaticNic

    LunaticNic Hunter

    Good to see another huntress build coming along. Hope to see some updates soon (y)
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  3. Wreav

    Wreav Community Staff

    TJ and Scott were more than happy with your ability to come to their workshop and actually get it fitted. Scott in particular as your ideas really struck a cord with him. Indeed, even TJ who probably was on the side with constructing a bio mask regained his interest in completing it at a later date.

    With your height and stature it will be truly imposing it captures the essence of what a female huntress could potentially be like in the movies (setting aside all of the non cannon lore) I think it's great to see a taller woman portraying this character.

    On that note March 4th was the date TJ and I became friends. So it's a special day for me too, I'm glad you came over. TJ and I was speaking this morning at how the suit looked very proportionate on you retaining a vast majority of its details with minor creases in comparison to some of the past creations. I think they're happy that I no longer spam them with various earth fem Predator designs.
    Also they were very happy with the possibility of a shoot once you get to put on your suit. First Huntress from Canada!
    I'm happy that this creation is progressing the way it is.
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  4. Isubomo

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    Woohoo!!! Can't wait to see this finished Christina! :) It's a perfect fit!!!
  5. Jmen

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  6. Huntress

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    There was certainly a passion in their eyes when we spoke. I really look forward to seeing where they take my rough concept as they begin finishing it.
    Once it's done I'm absolutely happy to do a photo shoot with them I'm really excited to do that actually.
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  7. Huntress

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    More progress...

    The gap in the back of the body is being filled in with an extra cast piece.

    Huntress10_zpstifuazbt.jpg Huntress09_zpsxq8je7ji.jpg
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  8. Huntress

    Huntress Blooded

    Any painting begins...



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  9. Wreav

    Wreav Community Staff

    Lovely, especially with the added latex part on the back.
    Also love the fact the buckets keep making cameos :p
  10. Huntress

    Huntress Blooded

    Work on painting the head is underway, multiple layers of colour with more to come.


  11. Huntress

    Huntress Blooded

    More painting on the body and head with more to come...I've told its about 80-100 hours of painting on the Huntress costume to finish it.

    Buckets are still making their cameo's

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  12. Huntress

    Huntress Blooded

    Still working away on the painting, many layers to applied and blended.

    The head is becoming the fiery huntress I envisioned.

    The back has been blocked out in the base colour, time to add the many layers of colour to it.

    the amour has had its basic base coat applied

    Much more still to come but soon she'll be alive!
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  13. NeoKazama

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    Scott's work is impeccable, What a beautiful suit, congrats to the owner of this huntress!!
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  14. Huntress

    Huntress Blooded

    Yes Scott and TJ do amazing work!, this one is all mine! Can't wait till its done in a few weeks.
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  15. Huntress

    Huntress Blooded

    Further progress on the armour, gold base applied over the black, weathering to follow.

  16. Huntress

    Huntress Blooded

    The evolution of the upper build is quite wide from my twenties spent bodybuilding so the guys had to patch in an additional section of back. The amazing painting skills of Scott and TJ continues as they add the layers of colour.

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  17. Huntress

    Huntress Blooded

    I'm beyond thrilled how this is coming along! I saw Wreav's original Huntress they made back last August and fell in love with it. I worked with Marwan mocking of my vision for the Huntress and along with him and his talented team comprised of Scott and TJ they have brought my vision to life. Lots of little details to go but Ii'm so happy with the way this is coming out already so adding the extras will only make it even more awesome.

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  18. Huntress

    Huntress Blooded

    The giving keeps on coming...dread work underway on the head, still a few more towards the front to be added.

    She is looking evil and fierce! Love it.

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  19. Wreav

    Wreav Community Staff

    No spoilers, but I'm really glad that you're constantly coming up with new ideas as the suit making process progresses. Indeed, when it's all said and done it will be amazing to see you inside the suit. It would be nice for you to recommend contact lenses for those who are viewing your thread and aren't a part of this forum.
    You're all in for something special! For those viewing this thread ^_^
  20. LunaticNic

    LunaticNic Hunter

    Almost there! I bet the wait is killing you to get this awesome suit :D
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  21. Isubomo

    Isubomo Hunter

    YESSSSS!!!! Almost there!!! :D
  22. Huntress

    Huntress Blooded

    So it was asked what I'm doing with the eyes from my Huntress, I've bought contact lenses from 9mm SFX. Yes they are expensive, but these are film/theatrical quality contact lenses. Its an investment in your eyes. I stay away from cheap lenses as I've seen far too many horror stories of people getting eye infections or worse from cheap lenses. You only have your eyes once I'm not risking them for a costume. PSA rant over...

    I've chosen the Vamprye Desert Reaper lens for my Huntress. I have them but haven't tired them on it but this is the photo from their website. I'll use black makeup around my eyes to cover my skin so all you'll see is these evil eyes in the evil head looking back at you. I wanted the eye area around the eye opening painted dark so it'd be easy to blend my skin underneath.

    9mm Sfx Custom Theatrical Contact Lenses
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  23. Huntress

    Huntress Blooded

    Yes a little bit, it was far worse waiting for it to get started after I had the fitting from that day to them starting painting was like a month at most but it felt like 6 months. Seeing updates every day makes it much easier to handle...
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  24. Huntress

    Huntress Blooded

    The torso is basically finished so onto work on the rest....

    Wrist blade and countdown timer gauntlets, More Dreads, Hands and Bandoleer skulls

    Further progress on the gauntlets, feet, and hands.

    The great TJ trimming away the excess on the back armour skirt

    Shins and Forearms armour
  25. Huntress

    Huntress Blooded

    One more week till I get to pick this up! The guys should be finished all the building in 2-3 days time.
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