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    Yes they will be, unfortunately they weren't an option at the time to add in. I was concerned the P1 gauntlets would be too big but in the end I'm good with they way they turned out. Eventually I'll get the Berserker gauntlets.
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    So whenever anyone who doesn't have a Predator costume sees my photos for my Predator after the compliments the first question I get like 90% of the time is does the jaw and mouth open like in the movie. There's always a bit of disappointment when I say unfortunately no. Crazy how people's expectations are so high!
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    People who don't understand Predator suits tend to be VERY ignorant as to what goes into creating one.
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    A few more of my Huntress...



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  7. How about piercings?

  8. Huntress

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    Oh I like that!

    Scarring I was originally interested in but the Huntress head is very detailed and couldn't find a spot to add scars.

    But the piercing idea looks cool! Thanks!
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    Well sadly it looks like I have some fit modifications to do for wearability but unfortunately in addition to fit adjustments there are several repairs to make for this costume to be wearable again since the first trial wearing. Feeling let down and disappointed.
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    What happened?
  11. Jmen

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    +1, What happened?o_O
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    Phenomenal Pred suit! This is right up there with the one Mel (Biggunns) did years ago
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    PredatrHuntr is Mel's WIP pics on this forum I can't seem to find them.
  14. Huntress

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    Thanks for the message and compliments. I just wear it well. Wreav took my concept art and brought it to life.
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    I finished an alternative blade gauntlet for my Scavenger Huntress, this one is a AVP resin wrist blade gauntlet from Mannowar. I weathered it to match the rest of my armour.


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    The head is I think finally trimmed inside to fit my head. There was a lot of foam to cut out and unfortunately I cut my hand on the first day and had to wait two weeks for it to heal to be useable enough to continue trimming.

    Took a bit to get it to mount on a styrofoam head on a stand but eventually by adding 2 layers of foam on top of the foam head it straighten up and didn't slide back anymore.


    The shins have been split in the back as they were too tight to slip on over my foot I've added Velcro closures to close them.
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    Great work on the weathering of the gauntlet! Also I like the ornaments you have in your closet the skeleton like bird is cool that caught my eye:)
  18. Huntress

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    Well my first Comic Con for my Scavenger Huntress Predator is complete. I need to do some fitting adjustments mostly in the head still too tight. I lasted about a hour and half maybe. It was hot but not unbearable the heat wasn't stopping me it was the pressure or pain on top of my head causing too much pain. Trimming to continue. As well the shoulders are really tight so limiting my movement and causing my right shoulder to suffer painfully after about 45 mins.

    The Huntress was received amazingly people were quite thrilled with see her. Far too many stops for photos especially at the end when I needed to get the head off.

    Here's a few shots of her in action...


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    I've swapped out the groin skull with a Berserker cod piece instead I think it suits the character better. Added a bone necklace and switched to a AVP wrist blade gauntlet that has sleeker lines which fits the character better.

    A new wolf neck collar is underway and some additional skulls will be coming to.
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    wooohoooo!!! :D Yeessss!!!
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    That's the thing about cons I learned.....It's hard to enjoy them when you're constantly being stopped. Looks good though!
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    The photoshoot pictures were great!


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