Classic Predator Hand Sculpts - Pulling Has Begun

Thanks, brother. The claws are actually epoxy putty (Not that it matters) that I replicated to save time. They were only produced to make the silicone molds. The actual hands are all latex. I was initially going to offer resin nails but upon discussion with a bunch of long-timers, I decided against it. The main reason is that the suits tend to require on-going adjustment for the wearer and as such, there is too much risk of tearing the suits while wearing the gloves.


hadn't noticed until now for some reason ,....but did you make 2 different versions ??>...guess i need to go back to the early pages but,...
you got just gloved and then the outstretched with them metal knuckles or whatever i'm trying to say ,.....


justa wondering,.....because i might need a set of them too ,....dude,.....bro,...
Have you tried brushing quick setting resin on the nails? It works pretty good if you have any special request resin nails, it wont cut the suit


When i go to view the pics on creating your hand armatures it goes to photobucket but it says page not found? Great work by the way.
Hmmmm. I'll look into the link issue. I will say this: I learned A LOT from making the armatures. Played with alginate, pouring, figuring out the best way to pose, etc. The problem I had, though, is that it was a static armature. I didn't like that for my purposes. I would have preferred a wire armature with aluminum on it for bulk, which is the game plan for the 2.0 versions, so as to be able to more naturally pose the hands after final details added. it's tough to get between the fingers for the level of detailing I wanted to give them, unless the fingers are splayed. However, as a wearer, they would be more comfortable in a more natural loose position. Just stand up, shake your hands out and let them go loose, then look down and see the pose. Make sense?