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My draft script--it's in the form of a live TV news broadcast that gets, uh, interrupted. ;)

Beach. Reporter on camera.

REPORTER: I’m coming to you live from St Petersburg, Florida, where dozens of strange reports have been coming in over the past two days. At least eight Tampa Bay residents have reported seeing a shimmering moving creature in trees or on buildings, similar to this image caught on video by a vacationing couple at Busch Gardens.

(Typical vacation video of Busch Gardens, off-camera voice says “look! what’s that?”--camera pans to cloaked Predator in nearby bushes, who flashes eyes, and moves offscreen.)

REPORTER: We’re also getting some new information on that gruesome murder that was reported yesterday at the Boyd Hill Nature Preserve. Unconfirmed reports from sources inside the Medical Examiner’s office indicate that the victim in that homicide was found suspended from a high branch, and that the body’s skin had been completely removed. The Medical Examiner has not yet made any official statements in that case. Police have also released this video of an object found at the scene, reportedly embedded into a tree near the body.

(Video of the smart shuriken.)

REPORTER: (voiceover) Police are unsure what this object is, but are asking anyone with any knowledge of it to please come forward. Police say the object appears to be made of an extremely lightweight metal that is very strong.

REPORTER (on camera) Military officials at the US Central Command, located at MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa, have released a statement denying that the object is any kind of secret military project but confidential sources have told me that the military believes it to be some kind of weapon that is powered by an unknown energy source. You may recall that a group of fishermen in Guatemala found another strange object entangled in their river nets three days ago.

(Video of backpack/plasma cannon.)

REPORTER (voiceover): This device was also reported to be made out of some unknown metal. It appears to be some kind of gun, but Guatemalan officials have released no further information.

REPORTER (on camera): That area in Guatemala where the object was found is also the place where a US Special Forces team reportedly disappeared on a mission over twenty years ago. For now, we have no information about whether or not any of these objects are linked in any way with the strange shimmering creature that is being seen here, or what . . . AHHHH!!!!

(As the Reporter talks, we see a Predator uncloak behind him, extend his combistick spear, and impale the Reporter from behind. After the Reporter falls, the Predator reaches down, we hear some cutting and ripping noises, then the Predator roars as he raises his arm with the skull and spine of the Reporter dangling from his hand. At the same time, we see a second Predator decloak, extend his wristblades, and step around behind the camera. We hear a scream from the cameraman, then blood spatters across the lens and the picture is replaced by static.



so i was sitting at the table thinking about what kind of video i would like to make when it hit me. Im basing this on a model Iv seen. I all ready have it sketched up and i think my filming will be done in jasper national park. Im going to be needing some help with sounds and a clip from either jurassic park or King kong.
here is a picture of what im going to be hunting

Of course it will be hard to make the fight happen so i think that it will come across as more of a teaser. So what do you guys think?


If it's not too late, I'd love to join aftr my costume is complete or if not in the acting parts, offer my tech services with filming or editing. I love the idea and have actually started on ideas of the same thing except expanding off the ending of AVP-R to make a predator fan film. But back to the point, i'd love to sign up for this and help in w.e. way(s) i could ;)


Well, as most things go-- I wanted to get this going and then let it take its course. I was hoping it would not go the way of the DoDo and there would really be some people getting on board here and making this happen. Thus the reason for my silence. But it seems that it is like sex-- it works up to a frenzy and then when its done its done--

I would still coordinate the videos if people would be interested in sending them to me. I can recruit the help of a few here that have made offers-- but that is all I can do. The videos have to come from all of you!!!

If there isnt going to be any interest in this I will as the mods to remove this thread.

Let make this happen!!!!
well eaglewood i should be making a my part of this pred fan film this year,just waiting on finishing converting my armor into predator concrete jungle darkblade clan style, but what is the basic plot for our combined movie?

AND I LEARNED PRED CLOAK EFFECT IN AFTER EFFECTS YAAAYY! lol so my scene will involve some cloaking :)


If enough footage can be filmed and a story board can be offered, my Father films weddings and special events and could edit them into a short film.
hey guys I havent been on here for ages but anyway thought id let you know I'll be filming my part of this next year when the weather starts to get a bit better april maybe? anyway Ill be doing a found footage video of a hunter (human) filming himself hunting and suddenly notices something in the trees (cloaked pred),which then hunts him down ;)


Seems like thi **** the ground running and then just died out. I offered to spearhead this, but didnt seem to just be enough committed people ot make it happen. -- you never know though-- may be a rebirth.


Hey! This is a great idea! There really is lots of talents here at the lair. Me and a few other guys have already produced 22 movies that range from 30 minutes to an hour long. I myself am used to drawing storyboards and building plot schemes. I am also very good at building and designing any costume piece. My friend is excellent at editing and shooting films. He videos wedding and special events on the side and edits them into a production at his home studio. COUNT ME IN!


I can lend a hand with 3D, editing, motiongraphics, compositing, VFX, etc. Can't help much on the live side but can do pretty much anything that might be required in post, except audio.
Have a 50Gb dropbox available as well if needed for file transfer, as well as my own FTP and servers as needed.


I would say that if anyone who is interested makes their own short films, gets them to me and I will get the rest arranged about putting it all into a short film-- So no restrictions, just send it off and I will take it from there--


OK--this thing kind of died out-- but I am going to resurrect it. Here is what I am going to do-- I am going to purchase a good quality video camera with lots of extra memory cards and such. Here is what I am proposing-- and I have to be able to trust everyone  that wants to take part in it.
I am going to start this out with a video of my own. Then I am going to send this to the next person on the list. Then that person sends the camera to the next person on the list and they do their own video--then it continues to go -- the camera will be packaged in a Pelican case or something like that so it doesn't get damaged in shipping.

Here is what I want from everyone that wants to be involved. When you get the camera, you take no longer than a 5-7 minute video of you in your suit in whatever setting you want-- you make your own 5-7 minute video. If you dont have your suit, then show us your studio and your projects, but it has to be Predator related. By signing up, you agree to pay for the shipping of the camera to the next person, wherever that may be. You agree to take responsibility for the camera when it arrives.

I will give my email out to those interested. You should send me an email when you receive the camera and when you send it out and who you are sending it to. I would request that you keep the camera for no longer than one week to do your video. I dont care where this camera goes,-- it SHOULD go worldwide.

We will have a designated shipping process for this-- I dont want it shipped just the cheapest way to save money. I will set this requirement if this goes as projected

I only want people involved in this that are truly interested and will comply with the requirements.

When it is all said and done and the camera returns to me, I will then get it edited, stitched, and whatever I need to do to create  our own movie-- The Hunters Lair Legacy"   I will then submit it to people that I know in the movie industry-- Maybe it will go somewhere, maybe not-- but we will at least be able to document what the Lair is all about!!!
Everyone who takes part in this will be on the credits and receive a DVD of it, there may be a small charge for this for production costs and shipping.
I will pay for whatever editing and such that needs to be done.

I want this to be done with care and a desire to make this awesome-- Please be serious if you sign up. Make sure yo contact any of your friends that want to participate when you get the camera. Get them involved as well.

Remember, by signing up, you agree to comply with the requirements of this project. I sure dont want this camera going to someone and they decide its a nice camera and just keep it. Be responsible.

I want at least 52 people signed up before I will start this (542 weeks in a year-- you get the idea!!)  If it goes longer, then great!!!

OK-- lets get the ball rolling

I will update the thread  as people commit to this

Start date will be determined by  the response of everyone.

I wont purchase the camera until Iknow that this is a go and you are really and truly interest in being a part of this.

Just reply to this thread by saying--" IM IN"

Then send me a PM with your email address and shipping address and I will get the list going.

OK--Hunters and Huntresses-- lets let the world know what the Lair is really all about!!!!!!

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