Comiccon 2013 Whos Going&are We Going To Have A Booth There Or Not?


I'm going, would live to bring some custom made Bios, as well as everyone elses too,  since I'll be living in LA at the time!!!!!!!


HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, I really want to buid a DEAD SPACE suit but I dont think ill have the time to finish it before July, might just sport some WEYLAND-YUTANI gear and enjoy the envirnment......

Ol Painless

This will be my first year attending the show and I'm super pumped! I only got a Friday pass, but hopefully I'll see some other "Lair" members there. Besides the Predator stuff, I'm excited to see Metallica !! 


PainlesS:  If this is your first year going, I hope you have a ton of fun.  I WILL warn you however, do not underestimate what it will take to get into that panel.  You should plan on being in line for Hall H, at prolly like 5am and even THEN you are not guaranteed.  I have seen those lines stretch for literally miles.  If you want to get into Hall H or Ballroom 20, you should probably plan top spend your whole day there.  IT kind of sucks, I know, but that's the truth :(

On a different note, I just got off the phone with a rep from the FX TV channel, who is looking for people in costumes to interview on camera, and she was excited that I would be there in my Pred costume.  I told her I would post her info here for anyone else who might be interested.  Here's the post I saw:

Are you already attending Comic-Con this year and planning to dress as your favorite TV / movie character? Are you that show's/movie's/actor's biggest fan ever?? We want to interview you at Comic-Con! Looking for people with amazing costumes and amazing personalities! 
We're especially interested in fans of Wilfred, Archer, The Americans, Sons of Anarchy, The Following, It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia, The Simpsons, Family Guy, X-Men, Wolverine, Predator, American Dad, Bob's Burgers, but if you've got an AWESOME costume of any kind, please apply!
 To apply, fill out the form below or email us at Send us your contact information, a current photo of yourself, preferably in your costume, and tell us what makes you the perfect fan to be interviewed and represent!
*Please note that you must have your own ticket to Comic-Con. We cannot provide entry.
But also, I'd like to know if anyone else gonna be there in costume.  I was lucky enough to stumble across a few members last year, and if one Predator makes people lose their ****, a whole group is just that much better!  I'm planning on suiting up Saturday.


I hope am asking a question correctly here, if not my apologies. I am always viewing video clips on the hunter lairs visits to comic con, wizard con and just about any costume venue. I like to study the movements and charactors demeaners toward the fans . I really dont post much but lately I have been on a roll here, reading and viewing. My question is upon viewing these vids I see alot of folks wearing the famous " The Hunter's Lair " T-shirt. Is this an exclusive for full members only item. Or is this a item sold for funding the website. I would really like to get this shirt and wear it proudly down here in Corpus Chirsti Texas whenever I go hunting in my costume. I noticed your a LAIR CONTRIBUTOR and mean NO disrespect to you. Can you let me know if these shirts are avalable .