Complete Predator Suit Wanted

Discussion in 'Predator Costumes' started by batbrost, Nov 9, 2005.

  1. batbrost

    batbrost Guest

    Looking to find someone to manufacture me a complete Suit, skin, armor, helmet... the works. Who is the best out there. I am new to the board and have been researching for over a year now. Can you guys help???
  2. inkdoctor

    inkdoctor Guest

    theres alot of awsome guys on here that can make you a nice suit. i cant make you one but i may put mine up for sale soon and start another. theres pics of it on the first page under the suit thread. and i believe page 2 in the trophy room under inkdoctors predator costume. i dont know if your looking for one already done or your looking for something to put some of your own touches into.
  3. ptgreek

    ptgreek Guest

    The best is all a matter of opinion...and there are some awsome variations of our favorite hunter out there, as this board can attest to. You might want to contact predmandb. He is doing a run of his P1 and P2's. A few of us on this board including myself own his suits and are very happy with the results.

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