Cool P2 Annotated Poster In An Old Swamp Thing


Hey Lair Bros,

I was out buying some old comics today, trying to fill the holes in my Swamp Thing Volume 2 collection. I was checking the issues I'd bought whilst drinking a beer in the pub near the comic shop when I came across this poster (see images). I don't know if this has been posted here before but I thought it was worth posting purely because the cool annotations. Enjoy.



Well I am a comic collector and that issue of Hellblazer and Swamp Thing are part of my collection. As such removing any part of the comic, it being poster or whatever would leave it incomplete. So no I don't want to remove it from the comic. What I would suggest is going on ebay and buying the comic as it is not valuable and can be purchased for about $4. You will then have a cool poster and an awesome comic free!


Elite Hunter
I have tried xander. but ebay sellers are shady. I have found severals of the swampthing issues you mentioned and asked several sellers it he poster was in them to no avail . I decided to just go ahead and buy 2 copies but the posters were removed. so I dont think I will be buying anymore unless the seller states the pster is there. and since no one has attempted to answer my messages on ebay. I think I'm just going to pass on owning this piece. At least I have the big version that western graphics did. Even if its a mirrored image. thanks anyway


Wow! Sorry you went through that. I just bought the Swamp Thing from my local comic shop and the Hellblazer from ebay. What I could suggest is visting a comic store that stocks back issues and then going through them all. :)


I remember buying the full-size poster at my local record store (remember those?)! My friends were always covetous of that poster and the HUGE P2 movie poster I got through some mailaway offer.