Cool PC backgrounds


Since we'll never own this at least we can stilll enjoy it. Make a great desktop background. Prototype 16 cylinder Cadillac with 22 inch wheels and 1000 bhp. under the hood. Nice.

And one for the muscle car era we grew up in. Elanor for Gone In 60 Seconds

If the images aren't clear enough when posted to your desktop I can send you the image via e-mail.


You're right about never owning that Caddy! Although, Elanor is within reach of some people! Within this past year, my uncle fulfilled his ultimate life-long dream by becoming the proud owner of a 1967 Shelby G.T. 500 Mustang! I haven't seen it yet w/ my own eyes, but he told me he'd been seriously looking for that exact make/model car for well over the last 5+ years before he finally found one in nearly mint condition & snagged it up in a heartbeat & the smile hasn't left his face yet!