So after having a brief discussion with Wreav..
I just want to let everyone know I've been having an issue with a company called COREFX
This has been an ongoing issue for a year now I ordered a suit from him, and the bio mask which he said he broke in the process and he would make me a new one or refund me the money I asked him whichever one he was comfortable doing and after reaching out to him several times throughout the year he has ignored all of my requests so I'm just letting everyone know what to expectespecially when spending a lot of money for a suit.... Happy hunting


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I'm glad you're voicing your opinion and experience with Corefx, every suit buyer/person who commissions any work is entitled to receive their item without hassle. You shouldn't be doing all this extra work to receive your items that you paid for. Glad you shared your experience as it will save many others in the future and make others aware of Corefx's business practises. Please let me know how things progress.


He scammed me for over 2000 dollars as well... I ordered from him in may with an 8 week turn around. Total lack of communication and in OCTOBER I had to file a paypal claim. all throughout the time it was an excuse after another and he was working on it.

He at one point told me he was boxing up my suit and should have tracking that day then he went silent. The whole ordeal lasted months

he never returned my money and paypal had to step in... horrible experience