costume in the making! *lots of pics*

Discussion in 'Predator Costumes' started by JoeSomebody369, Dec 9, 2009.

  1. JoeSomebody369

    JoeSomebody369 Blooded

    Hey guys. Actually received the skin today. I want to first send out a thank you to Jaded for this skin. In my opinion an excellent suit for someone on low budget. Waiting now for my ghost demon hands from ebay to come in to modify them and waiting for Ruffkintoy's raw mask to come in the mail aswell to begin painting and attaching dreads!!! will post more pics as more pieces come in. Anyone give me some background info to making armor out of foamies?

    overall cost so far for the hands i have to paint/modify, skin, raw mask = $275. On sort of a low budget with a new car so payments are killing me at the moment but I think its coming along very well so far for what i've purchased with the amount of money i've spent. Will post pictures when the mask comes/after its painted.
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  2. cujo66

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    Nice start.
    The Vinman templates are a God send if you are using foamies. I put a coat of plasti dip over the pieces before I hit it with the hammered spray paint. works out real well. And it's perfect for a budget because you can knock out alot of armor with 20 buck worth of foamies.
  3. jaded

    jaded Blooded

    Skin looks like it fits you well, Cujo is right about the Vinman templates.....great templates to use
  4. JoeSomebody369

    JoeSomebody369 Blooded

    Hey guys here an update

    Thank you to Ruffkintoy for sending me this awesome raw mask which is my first pred mask!

    I can't wait to start painting this piece hopefully get started next week after this week of finals (which have been killing me ). Here are a few pics of the mask!
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  5. juiceredrum

    juiceredrum Blooded

    good start my friend , you already got the jump on me with skinz , mask looks goooood i know you cant wait to paint that thing i cant neither man im so ichting to slam some paint on this bad boy it hurts ... on mine lol
  6. JoeSomebody369

    JoeSomebody369 Blooded

    Going to start on the armor next week or over this weekend. Gotta finish somethings up with school first, armor and paint up soon I'm excited to paint it aswell!
  7. nismo300zx

    nismo300zx Blooded

    I feel ya bro, i just finished up with finals today...meaning TIME TO WORK ON THE SUIT!!
  8. JoeSomebody369

    JoeSomebody369 Blooded

    I just finish with finals yesterday finally! might go to michaels tonight and look around to get some paint and some foamies! ha
  9. JoeSomebody369

    JoeSomebody369 Blooded

    Hey guys heres a few pics of the gloves (how they started out) to how they match up with my skin! thanks for blasturbator for the inspiration with these gloves!

    Here are the gloves starting out with the base coat

    finished next to and on top of my pred body suit

    holding one

    Still may do a few touch ups here and there though I think some of the spots that are "missing" some of the darker colors makes it look better. about to paint the bottom of them in a few minutes. lemme know what you guys think and any feed back would be much appreciated!
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  10. Blasturbator

    Blasturbator Blooded

    No problem man
    They look good keep up the good work
  11. adonian

    adonian Unblooded

    I really wish they made those muscle suits for bigger guys... Not taller just wider, I'm a little large around the middle if ya' feel me :p
  12. JoeSomebody369

    JoeSomebody369 Blooded

    oh i know what you mean. the suit is really tight on me too because i'm large around the middle too its tough to get on but its a good thing I work at a gym free membership! haha
  13. adonian

    adonian Unblooded

    I'm gonna stop with the soda and start walking around the block. I really need to lose weight so I can fit into the costumes I plan on makin... I already have my Mandolorian armor in the works, and I just found this KILLER FORUM and I want to make a custom Pread too. :p

    I guess I can just get the XL suit and set myself a goal ;)
  14. juiceredrum

    juiceredrum Blooded

    bro hands looking Awesome !!!!great progress im excited to see your head painted up i havent started mine yet
    Happy new year my friend hope the holidays kicked ass for ya keep up the good work
  15. JoeSomebody369

    JoeSomebody369 Blooded

    Hey guys its been a real long time since I've updated my thread but I've got a small update!

    School and working full-time has really eaten up a lot of my time. With all the various things going on with work and homework and what not I did up end losing a lot of my motivation just from being so worn out all the time. Here is what I did tonight with my mask. I painted it up a bit using brushes for the base coat and than sponges for the colors. I chose not to use an air-brush because the skin I am wearing was not air-brushed either. So basically I wanted to give my Pred mask the same look as my suit a good dirty look came out for just using sponges if I do say so myself. Hope you guys like it! will have another update on sunday when I do some more. Been working on foamies belt too but I want to get it colored before I post the pic.
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  16. Blasturbator

    Blasturbator Blooded

    looking good indeed keep up the good work
  17. JoeSomebody369

    JoeSomebody369 Blooded

    Thanks buddy! how are you? I saw your finished costume congrats man it looks awesome!
  18. big bad wolf

    big bad wolf Blooded

    looks great mannn, keep it up
  19. grindy

    grindy Unblooded

    what'd you use to paint up the eBay monster gloves, I was thinking of doing this too but don't know the first thing about painting latex.
  20. JoeSomebody369

    JoeSomebody369 Blooded

    Hello Grindy,

    I used acrylic paints I bought from Michaels craft store. I took the paint and mixed it with some RD-407 mask making latex from

    heres the link for the latex:

    and I used some cheap brushes from Michaels too because the latex dries on the brushes after sometime and I couldnt use the brushes anymore. Try to look for those cheap "sponge" brushes. Not the ones with bristles

    Hope this helps!
  21. JoeSomebody369

    JoeSomebody369 Blooded

    Hey guys. Completed the groin flap today. Made from foamies heres some pics

    Update: Just finished 1 Shoulder Bell aswell tonight before sleep.

    The weathering was done with just straight spary paint: Krylon Hammered Brown, Black, and Silver. The shoulder bell weathering looks much better than the groin flap. The groin flap was pretty much my test piece. Going to recolor it tomorrow and buy more foamies after work. Let me know what you all think about the pieces so far.
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  22. JoeSomebody369

    JoeSomebody369 Blooded

    Just some pics of more work done/overall work
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  23. Hello,

    Your suit is coming along very nicely.When your done you should post where you got the pieces,or links so others looking to make a budget suit can build one as well.Nice work,can't wait to see the final product.

  24. JoeSomebody369

    JoeSomebody369 Blooded

    Thanks Daren! The skin I got from Jaded found it when I was browsing the buy/sell forums. The Mask is from Ruffkintoy. All the armor pieces I made using foamies, I got the templates from Vinman's thread if anyone was interested. got real frustrated tonight I finished one of the thigh plates but 1) it took forever. 2) it came out like crap heres a pic
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  25. Thanks again for the info.It doesn't look to bad from the pic.I know how ya feel about working on stuff.I am in the process of making some wrist blades and so far 2 failed attemps.I have tried both platic and balsa wood.Next gonna try just sculpting them out of clay,crossing fingers.

    Keep up the good work,Daren

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