costume under-construction

Your costume is amazingly awesome, and I definitly have to thank you for the cheap gaunlet idea. I just finished making mine and although they are not near as sweet looking and detailed as yours they look decent and the only thing I ended up paying for was the paint. I am def a budget builder so im sure I will be using some of your same idea's b/c they are very creative.


Its been a while since I checked the board and my thread, Thanks all for the compliments and comments..been busy with life besides predator stuff, I still have a couple of plans in mind but will eventually become reality in the future, building another predator my own design..stay tune :)


Glad to see you back Cris :D
I bet you need a new suit. seems like you have been working out like Arnold!
need to beef up so I will not need muscle a suit... And by the way your right LB I need a new suit, new look, a new beginning..just need the creative fluids flowing after being stagnant for too long...


Looks awesome man!! Sorry if you answered this already but where did you get the mask and bio?


I love how this thread is still alive. One of the best scratch built jobs on the board. Glad to see you around again Mum.
Sick suit bro, probably the best budget build i have seen on the lair. You look like you could rip off someones face in that suit of urs! or maybe, head? lol.


I love how this thread is still alive. One of the best scratch built jobs on the board. Glad to see you around again Mum.
Been a while Scott, The movie got my pred blood moving and I believe it's time to do another build..Thanks to you Scott my Mumbaki Pred has skin!!!!!

And Thanks guys good for the awesome comments!!!

To ofak: I got the mask from a fellow lair member Newpredmaker
both mask and bio


Yeah its really cool
I'm also working on a suit that i'm making through items in my house. Yours looks a lot better than mine! lol


You did an Amazing job ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
You are a really great worker mister, really and all of this less than 400 ! ! !

I'd like to do mine too, because I don't know nobody in FRANCE so I would like to change it ;)

Thanks for all your helps ! ! !

PS: One other think, could you tell me where can I buy a mask or a good explanation to create it with earth?

See you and let me news by messages or directly there

And Again: GREAT JOB MISTER !!!!!!!


My friend you have inspired me to work on my P1 costume you are the man I hope you check out my thread when I start it on late january I hope my costumes come out like yours. Also hope to see more stuff from you. ;)


man this is a kick ass build,you've done a great job. I love the halloween pics with the zombie soldier. I'm hoping that your trophy wall has an Orc head now!


Way to go! Way to be creative as well as making one badass looking suit! honestly this looks just as good as some of the $2000 suits that I've seen! Great job!!!!!!!!!!!