Creating a perdator suit, the helmet.



I´ve noticed all those cool pred. suits that you forum guys have! Well, since I am huge predator fan I decided to make me one too.

The helmet would be this ( with slight modifications) :

I´ll go and try to do as much as possible in scratch, luckily I have all sorts of machinery in use so casting body molds ( in many pieces) is possible. I´ll just have to wait for my girlfrend to get back from her vacation , so that she can help me with the infamous "ducktape undersuit"

Next, I´ll try to figure somekind of backgroud to my young hunter


Hey bud.

Word of advice on your duct tape dummy.

When i made mine i wrapped the duct tape around myself pretty tight. WHich effectively made the duct tape dummy a skinnier representation of myself.

Now what this boils down to in the final process is that when your decide to put a spandex suit ontop of the duct tape dummy, (for purpose of paintin the spandex with latex - to make a bodysuit) when the latex dries it shrinks.

Now when it shrinks its gets smaller anyway, so you dont need a small duct tape dummy and the shrinkage working againt you.

SO.... make the duct tape dummy as big as you and then if ya got enough duct tape, make it layered and thicker all around.

You have to compensate for the SHRINKAGE factor (LOL).

And some more advice. GOTO HOME DEPOT and buy cans of expanding crack foam. The can by can over the course of a few days fill that dummy up to make it rigid.
I say CAN BY CAN becuase the foam can't be too thick in one area or it doesnt dry correctly. (from what i hear) I have never encountered this problem personally. BUT it sounds possible.

ANy other help ya need email me

Cya buddy


When I made my duct tape dummy ages ago, I wore a couple of thickish layers of clothes this way you'll bulk yourself out a little, as Gene rightly said latex shrinks, depending on how this it is you can have around 10-15 % shrinkage in your latex pieces as the liquid evaporates. The extra layers of clothing give your dummy that little extra to compensate for it. The other thing you can do once it's filled, if you want the entire thing to be rigid. Is to place an internal skeleton with in it before foam filling it. I used PVC piping which I glued and screwed at the joints. It's a cheap way of doing a body cast, though nowadays I'd use something like body double for the negative mold and a good stone for the positive.