Curious About A Few Things....


(1) is scar the least popular main unmasked predator in the films and why?

No. RuPaul predator is the least popular for obvious reasons.

(2) would anyone like to see future predators with more of a p2 flair?


(3) how did the pred-alien get the ability to reproduce by itself?

It has this ability due to shitty writing and lack of creativity.

(4) what would you change about the predators film?

What WOULDN'T I change about it?


Young Blood
"(3) how did the pred alien get its ability to reproduce?
It has the ability due to shitty writing and lack of creativity"

Couldn't agree with you any more


1: I'm sorry but i just think he looks retarded. The way the mandibles move and the stupid puppy dog expressions he makes. And it LOOKS just like a rubber mask!

2: The P2 is the best predator there is, hands down. So yeah, bring on the flair.

3: Yeah I agree with BENSIN on that one.  :p

4: Here we go. First i didn't mind the film that much, better than the avp films i think but come on, the so called "super" predators just seem to get there asses kicked. So yeah they obviously needed to be just a bit more tougher i would say. Errrm, stop ******* copying scenes from the first film! Its not a homage..... its a rip off because you couldn't think of anything else to do. Yes! they finally got off planet earth! Woo hooo! And went to a planet that looks like a jungle Ok i could go on but im gonna stop there. But anyway, don't even get me started on the AVP films.. lol


Young Blood
i just seen a vid on youtube and found out that the pred-alien is female i dont know if this answers any questions or just raises more

Bo Skarr

1) Most likely


3)The Xenomorph's are all female- this is because they are insects- the self reproducing is because it has egg sacks in its head.

4)I would make more scenes where you can see it's armor, and technology.
I would take out a few humans. I would add a flash-back now and again.