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Discussion in 'Predator Props' started by Predanator, Dec 31, 2018.

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    Hey hunters,
    Hope things are well, I used be a lurking addict on this website back in the hunter lair days, started a p1 build years ago but life got busy and expensive as I am sure many of you can understand.
    Well now I have a decent job behind me, and am in need of a hobby, I have come right back!
    My question is simple, where are all the sellers?
    There isn't much on the market place and the old trusted sellers that I remember being on here don't seem active anymore.
    I'm after armor sellers and maybe a under mask, i'm in the UK so hopefully if i find somebody they can ship here.
    I'm very excited to make a start i'm just hoping there's a few people who can help me along the way.
    Thankyou guys, missed this place dearly.
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    pm sent

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