CUSTOM: EndoT800's NECA 1/4th (Thee) Predator Jungle Demon to Hunter Conversion

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    Hi All,
    I got motivated to take on another Predator makeover project mainly because of the new upcoming Predator movie. Good thing I started this before seeing the trailer lol.gif (Billy laugh).

    IMHO I consider this to be the best Predator design of all of them. For his his age, he still holds up well.

    Here’s the completed outcome. It was a bit of challenge at times with some of the mods, but for me it makes it a more interesting project rather than just a straight up paint app.

    When the JD was first released, I didn’t care for the paint app but after looking at the JD more closely; I didn’t realized it came all the same accessories as a JH minus the spare hand and netting. The only extra that was throw in was the flashy eyes which I didn’t need so it made a perfect candidate for a conversion. The translucent figure & paint means that everything will need to be redone, but I didn’t see that to be much of an issue since I start from scratch anyway.

    I basically junked all the electronics in this figure. I wasn't going use the internal batteries, instead all the electronics are powered an external battery pack utilizing rechargeable batteries. This way I can leave the lights on as long as I want without having to touch the figure.

    There was a lot of light bleeding going on with this figure so that needed to be fixed. The symbols are now properly lit and I added some animated pulse light effects to just the top panel so it works independently from the lighted symbols on the wrist computer. Now to try something a bit more different, I replaced the bio-mask led with an actual real laser light. Not one of the easiest things to do but not too bad for my first attempt. You can see them in action in some of the photos posted. I may try to make some fog with some dry ice but we'll see if it works. I'll post photos if it does. To finish the bio-mask, I then added reflective lenses along with fine mesh to the eye sections.

    I also molded a new right hand as I prefer that to the closed fist. I them gave him a fresh bloody trophy kill which meant reshaping his hand but it gives him a better look. All amour has been properly seated. The wrist gauntlet blades were painted with polished aluminum finish. New air hoses were made from scratch. I added some connectors to them just to give them a bit more detail. Leather straps and rope were added. I gave it new netting and quills throughout. The base is version 2.0. utilizing real wood trunks. I then added some water effect details, foliage and mossy effects along with some trophies. I had completed the first base but I didn’t like it in the end so it got junked and replace with this one.

    Still they were many other details, too many to list but I hope you like the outcome. I'll post a video down the road once I get a decent recording device other than my current crappy phone. lol.gif ( Billy laugh)














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    Video is now up
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    This is AWESOME!! Thanx for sharing I saved all your PICTURES really lot of detail on this PREDATOR model looks GREAT!! :) I like your T800 profile pic also, lol
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    Awesome job!
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    The spine trophy is the icing on the cake!!

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