Cyberpred's suit on Leno?


Hi everyone!

I'm checking to see if anyone watched last night's(Monday, 12th) Tonight Show with Jay Leno or taped it. Apparently, a Predator costume matching the description of Cary's suit was on Leno. The suit in question is the one where Cary is posing with several veteran Trek stars.

A little while back, Cyberpred lost his costume to a thief that broke into his van. He's hoping that someone had seen the show or taped it so that he can verify that it is the same suit. If it is, it may lead to the eventual arrest of the culprit.

I'm going to do some more web searching to see if I can find anything on Youtube.

Any research help is greatly appreciated.





I have a couple friends who works for the Tonight Show... I'll definitely see if I can get info on who had the suit... I'll see if I can get a video from my friend as well... I know Cyberpred must miss that suit more than words can describe. Especially the circumstances with which it was stolen... I'm off work until Friday, but I'll look into it when I get into work. It was definitely the Monday, March 12 airing?



no didnt get to see it im more of a letterman fan. if it was his suit thats one dumb theif. steal something then wear it on national tv. hopefully if it was it will lead to cary getting it back, thats his baby and it belongs back home with him.


Let's hope that something comes of this. Cary deserves to get his suit back and if it does turn out to be the suit in question, then the dumb **** who stole it deserves everything that's coming to him.


That suit will show up sooner or later. Maybe the theif will be dumb enough to show up here and show off the suit.


have you been monitoring ebay? Then put up an advertisement in the paper.. if this guy has stolen the suit.. unless he's really weird he's gonna want to parade it.. meaning getting respect from everyone and anyone.. He should be in the same state that he nicked it.. so put an add up saying "stolen predator suit" With picture... If you have seen the man wearing this suit please call the police department immediatly..

Then the guy will either get caught or he'll hide it.. so then.. as he can't wear it he will be forced to sell it.. most likely with ebay.. and thats where you can catch him...

Any of this help? Or am i just stating random crap thats not going to help?

Hope it turns out good for you and bad for him Cary ^^