Cyclone_06's Customs And Re-Paints (Updated 9/21/2014 Bde Broken Tusk, Son Of P2!)

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  1. CYCLONE 06

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    Here's an update for you guys.  Two of the older McFarlane Predators.  Good ole Celtic and Scar.  I updated mine by removing the chopper blades, repainting their armor, actually etching the T symbol on Scar's helmet and the claw marks on Celtic's helmet using a linoleum cutting tool.  I also added a NECA left hand to Celtic.  I'm not sure what they did with his original left hand but it was kinda out of place.  Shortened his wrist blades to match the ones in the movie, since his blades where nowhere near the size of Scar's.  On Scar's cannon I shortened the arm it sits on to be more movie accurate.  The skin and mesh netting paintwork is pretty good, so I didn't touch those.  They look a lot better IMO.






















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  2. Lowdmekon

    Lowdmekon Hunter

    Love the marks on the bio's. may have to incoreprete that into my Celtic, still need to get hold off another one so I can start my chopper.
  3. CYCLONE 06

    CYCLONE 06 Hunter

    Yea i enjoyed doing the claw marks on the bio.

    Thanks for the compliments.

  4. Great work Wayne, they look way better!
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  5. ReChargable

    ReChargable Unblooded

    I know I am replying late but I just have to say how awesome your re-paints are! I want to start re-painting predator figures but I don't want to ruin them if it goes wrong :unsure: 
  6. ReChargable

    ReChargable Unblooded

     know I am replying late but I just have to say how awesome your re-paints are! I want to start re-painting predator figures but I don't want to ruin them if it goes wrong  :unsure:
  7. uruk

    uruk Blooded

    good news for you - you can't possibly ruin them more than they already are from the packaging ;)
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  8. ReChargable

    ReChargable Unblooded

    What paint would you guys use for predators?
  9. uruk

    uruk Blooded

    model acrylics, get them in a hobby store. you'll probably want Vallejo or Citadel for best effects.
  10. Folsomaticustom

    Folsomaticustom Blooded

    Not true, I'm a customizer and I made my Elder look worse. Predators kick my ass. Not saying don't go for it. I'm just saying that I suck at it.
  11. ReChargable

    ReChargable Unblooded

    I was looking to use games workshop citadel paints buy they are expensive , will this work well do you think?
  12. Lowdmekon

    Lowdmekon Hunter

    Vallejo on ebay are the cheapest and you get loads of paint.
  13. uruk

    uruk Blooded

    citadels are best quality, but are expensive. vallejo is cheaper and not much worse, also the pots are bigger.
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  14. ReChargable

    ReChargable Unblooded

    Ok thanks for your help guys :)
    I hope to have started my custom pred soon
  15. Folsomaticustom

    Folsomaticustom Blooded

    Yeah, Citadels are great, never used the other brand listed though. Also Testors Model Masters Acrylics are good and you can pick those up at Hobby Lobby.
  16. CYCLONE 06

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    First, thanks for the compliments. I appreciate all the criticisms I have recieved to help me better myself as a customizer. It's been a really fun ride and learning experience. I appreciate the help from Konrad, Marcus, and other artists and pred fans. Its great to be a part of the Predator cult following lol.

    I personally use Folk Art, Americana, Delta Ceramicoat, and Createx (airbrush) paints. The brands I use get knocked on, but I have never had any issues, and you can see they have quite a color selection and are very vibrant. When painting, be prepared for paint rub, it's going to happen, and try to plan your figure out in layers. Start with base coats, then build on top of them. You will learn your own style and technique as you go, and learn from your peers and their advice.

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  17. ReChargable

    ReChargable Unblooded

    Once again thank you.
    I have had some experience with painting with miniatures but never anything like this
  18. PR3DAT0R

    PR3DAT0R Unblooded

    These figures/re-paints are just simply brilliant!  :cool:

    p.s. My favourite custom predator of your's has to be the "Red Elder predator". Now that is one badass predator with the gort mask and red reticles, pure brilliance! I also really like the burgandy colour on your latest custom, that is a really nice colour. Can't wait for the next!  :D
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  19. CYCLONE 06

    CYCLONE 06 Hunter

    Some updates and newbies for you guys... Ancient Elder armor update... Albino, Aqua, City Hunter, Top Knot and Greyback updates and new photos from my new camera I got for christmas... New Predators Warrior (Kenner Homage) with removeable mask, and Warrior 'Ram' Pred from P2.   Hope you guys enjoy.


    Albino Hunter 10.jpg

    Ancient Elder 1.jpg

    Aqua Hunter 12.jpg

    Top Knot 10.jpg

    City Hunter 17.jpg

    Warrior Predator 23.jpg

    Warrior Predator 9.jpg

    Ram Predator 12.JPG

    Ultimate Elder 10.jpg

    Ultimate Elder 11.jpg

    Ultimate Elder 5.jpg
  20. deepincision

    deepincision Blooded

    Excellent work all round. Have to say, I especially love Top Knot's armour and your P2's skin tones.

    Where'd you get that gauntlet on Warrior? Looks perfect! I try to keep an eye out on Neca's other toy lines or spawn figs for any suitable spare bits but that one's awesome.
  21. CYCLONE 06

    CYCLONE 06 Hunter

    The glove is from some kind of Spawn half goat / half human pirate figure with a huge skull for a helmet.  He has two of those gloves, one on each hand.

    After a search, here he is...  Legend of the Blade Hunters Tyr (Dragon Rider).

    I had a whole load of pics to share, but it says I can't use photos from photobucket for some reason ?

  22. akafighter408

    akafighter408 Blooded

    I would rather buy your kenner homage preds than the neca ones
  23. CYCLONE 06

    CYCLONE 06 Hunter

    Well I certainly appreciate the kind words.  My thoughts were to take the Pred parts I have and try to build something that would resemble the original Kenners but with more updated and realistic execution.

    Altho, I am a fan of the NECA Kenner Preds.

  24. CYCLONE 06

    CYCLONE 06 Hunter

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  25. CYCLONE 06

    CYCLONE 06 Hunter

    And here are some much better photos of the Engineer and 'Race War' Dark Horse comics Predator.


    Engineer 1.jpg

    Engineer 2.jpg

    Engineer 5.jpg

    Engineer 6.jpg

    Engineer 7.jpg

    Engineer 9.jpg

    Engineer 11.jpg

    Race War 1.jpg

    Race War 2.jpg

    Race War 7.jpg

    Race War 11.jpg

    Race War 14.jpg

    Race War 15.jpg

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