Cyclone_06's Customs And Re-Paints (Updated 9/21/2014 Bde Broken Tusk, Son Of P2!)

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  1. CYCLONE 06

    CYCLONE 06 Hunter

    Alright folks, a few more updates for you.  This time we have Boar and Gort repaints.  Hope you enjoy.


    Gort 10.jpg

    Gort 11.jpg

    Gort 2.jpg

    Gort 5.jpg

    Gort 6.jpg

    Gort 9.jpg

    Boar 11.jpg

    Boar 12.jpg

    Boar 2.jpg

    Boar 5.jpg

    Boar 8.jpg

    Boar 9.jpg
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  2. Lowdmekon

    Lowdmekon Hunter

    These are superb buddy.
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  3. CYCLONE 06

    CYCLONE 06 Hunter

    Thanks a lot.  I haven't gotten any replies for a while.  Thought no one liked them anymore.


    REYALS Elite Hunter

    Oooooh Whatever Wayne, LOL!!! 

    You are one of the top customizers for PRED customs... who in their right mind is going to NOT like these?
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  5. deepincision

    deepincision Blooded

    Brilliant repaints as always.

    But yeah, I've been busy with other hobbies but I've noticed it getting a bit quiet around here :(

    REYALS Elite Hunter

    That's just it. I think now that spring and summer are getting ready to hit (at least in the states) more and more are focusing on the "wearable" type of projects rather than the "collectible" type. 

    Oh well though. At least there will be a whole slew of newer works when the time comes. :cool:
  7. CYCLONE 06

    CYCLONE 06 Hunter

  8. CYCLONE 06

    CYCLONE 06 Hunter

    Few updates for you guys... Arena Battle, Patrol Dutch, Extraction Dutch, and Scout paint ups...  


    Arena Battle Pred 1.jpg

    Arena Battle Pred 2.jpg

    Arena Battle Pred 3.jpg

    Schaefer 1.jpg

    Schaefer 2.jpg

    Schaefer 3.jpg

    Schaefer 4.jpg

    Scout Pred 1.jpg

    Scout Pred 2.jpg

    Scout Pred 3.jpg

    Scout Pred 4.jpg

    Scout Pred 5.jpg

    Scout Pred 6.jpg

    Scout Pred 7.jpg
  9. Masamune888

    Masamune888 Blooded

    Love the skin on Scout. Colors really pops. I'm no good at painting :unsure:
  10. CYCLONE 06

    CYCLONE 06 Hunter

    I didn't use to be either, but if you look back, you can see that practice makes much better results.  Look at some of my older threads versus the ones im showing you guys now.

  11. MUNIZ

    MUNIZ Unblooded

    Dude, I am simply speechless. These are inspiring to the nth degree. Amazing work and variety.awesome.......
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  12. CYCLONE 06

    CYCLONE 06 Hunter

    thanks, finishing up the last 2, stalker and snake as we speak...
  13. CYCLONE 06

    CYCLONE 06 Hunter

    Got a couple more for ya... slowly almost done the tribe...

    I present, Stalker and Borg for your viewing pleasure.


    Borg 11.jpg

    Borg 12.jpg

    Borg 13.jpg

    Borg 6.jpg

    Borg 14.jpg

    Stalker 1.jpg

    Stalker 3.jpg

    Stalker 6.jpg

    Stalker 7.jpg

    Stalker 11.jpg

    Stalker 12.jpg
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  14. CYCLONE 06

    CYCLONE 06 Hunter

    I finally finished Snake folks. Now the Lost Tribe is Complete. Hope you guys enjoy.


    Snake 1.jpg

    Snake 2.jpg

    Snake 3.jpg

    Snake 4.jpg

    Snake 6.jpg

    Snake 7.jpg

    Snake 9.jpg

    Snake 10.jpg

    Snake 11.jpg

    Snake 12.jpg
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  15. deepincision

    deepincision Blooded

    Exquisite work as always, Cyclone! Particularly the markings on Stalker and Snake's forehead.

    Sorry for the late comment, been busy with a new job, though there doesn't seem to be many active people these days :(
  16. CYCLONE 06

    CYCLONE 06 Hunter

    Hey thanks bro.  I was beginning to wonder where everyone had gone.

  17. CYCLONE 06

    CYCLONE 06 Hunter

    Heres some pics of the Batman Dead End Albino Predator I repainted and some new pics of Elder, Top Knot, and Stalker...



    Albino 1.jpg

    Albino 3.jpg

    Albino 5.jpg

    Albino 7.jpg

    Albino 13.jpg

    Albino 14.jpg

    Albino 15.jpg

    Greyback 1.jpg

    Greyback 2.jpg

    Greyback 3.jpg

    Greyback 6.jpg

    Greyback 12.jpg

    Greyback 14.jpg

    Top Knot 1.jpg

    Top Knot 2.jpg

    Top Knot 5.jpg

    Top Knot 9.jpg

    Top Knot 12.jpg

    Stalker 1.jpg

    Stalker 3.jpg

    Stalker 6.jpg

    Stalker 9.jpg

    Stalker 12.jpg
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  18. TruantSavior

    TruantSavior Unblooded

    Man, those are awesome dude! Going back a bit, what do you make your shields and armor pieces from?
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  19. JAFPO67

    JAFPO67 Unblooded

    I'm still spinning from awe.!!!!!
    I thought I was looking @ 1/6 scale
    figs. not 7". Your repaint skills are
    AWESOME, great skills bro. I will definitely use these for reference.
    Keep up the great works in future redo's
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  20. CYCLONE 06

    CYCLONE 06 Hunter

    Sorry guys just saw these responses.  Most of the shields are fodder from Mcfarlane parts.  The other alien headed shield is the Pred Alien head.

    Thanks for the compliments guys.

  21. CYCLONE 06

    CYCLONE 06 Hunter

    New Preds completed... been a while but heres some updates and newbies... Snake updated, Broken Tusk and son of City Hunter from Dead End... as well as a new custom 'Atlantis Hunter' commission and some updated Dutch figures... hope you guys like


    Broken Tusk 1.jpg

    Broken Tusk 2.jpg

    Broken Tusk 3.jpg

    Broken Tusk 4.jpg

    Son of P2 3.jpg

    Son of P2 4.jpg

    Son of P2 11.jpg

    Son of P2 14.jpg

    Extraction Dutch 11.jpg

    Extraction Dutch 15.jpg

    Jungle Dutch 4.jpg

    Jungle Dutch 17.jpg

    Aqua Hunter 1.jpg

    Aqua Hunter 12.jpg

    Snake 14.jpg

    Snake 15.jpg

    Snake 16.jpg

    Snake 17.jpg

    Snake 19.jpg
  22. BENSIN

    BENSIN Hunter

    I demand that you repaint that Lost Predator with the cybernetic looking armor.  I forgot his name...battle armor lost, or something.
  23. YawningMan

    YawningMan Unblooded

    WOW.... These are seriously breathtaking Cyclone... I've been working on my very first custom paint job. I don't know how fast you work (my progress moves very slow, so many details I don't want to neglect), but holy shit you've amassed an amazing body of work... Full respect and applause! My own custom has started with the Classic Predator video game look, the NECA figure in shades of 'blue', and I've been repainting it to match the 1987 original Predator. Coming down the homestretch with it now...

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