Dan Can You Do This



I seem to be doing alot of teaching lately and I am concerned.

The thing that seems to be comming up is safety when using chemicals.

I have had to make things clear when it comes to using a Respirator.Proper Ventillation.Chemical Exposure etc.

We need another area here at the Lair that posts MSDS Information for the products used here.

What do you think?

Cary :)


hey cary,

i'm not familiar with making props,but you've got a good point there.

i think that MSDS info would definately be a good help to everyone
who don't know what some things or chemicals are made of.just
incase you need to know whats in the stuff you're about to use...
there it is handy to tell you what you need to be safe. :) i work in
the nutrition industry,where we have to know what we're working with.

good looking out cary...and a good idea.i might need it someday!


Actually it was Carls idea but after talking with him I agree.

I work in the Healthcare industry and we deal with MSDS all the time.



This is probably one of the best ideas I've seen on the Lair to date. People should be aware of what they're using and getting in to. Especially because when members talk about mixing foam, pouring resin/fiberglass, they talk about is calously because they're so used to it. But they're leaving out all the safety precautions, respirators etc. Something to that effect.

Good idea!



Actually Carl brought this to me I think the first week I setup up the new Lair and I totally forgot about it. I'll definitely get that going for you guys :)



Every shop I have ever worked in has to post the MSDS sheets up so I agree that it would be fantastic to have a sticky thread up top with those and also for the more experienced members to always remind the newbies about reading and LEARNING that info. This is a very fun past time but a lot of what we work with is VERY hazardous to your long term health if not used properly. I remember not to long ago reading a post about someone reading a very bsic guide to vac forming and they came away with the idea that it was ok to heat Styrene in the same oven that they would be cooking thier families meals in and I about pissed myself on the spot. A LITTLE knowledge is dangerous often times and when working with the materials we do it can prove lethal, the more education on safety the better.