Days Of The Dead Indy 2012


just got Ian White.what a nice guy.made me feel like a youngblood.damn hes tall.
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Without a doubt the best option for any new predator movie. KPH will always be the best but if it was my call to make Ian Whyte would play the predator again.


we went to meet danny trejo ( who didn't show ) and ian ,.....he was awesome yes,....but maybe someone more into the scene will know this one,...
i did a whole thigh , to calf tattoo devoted to predator ,....we put wolf and danny's dead portrait on her calf ,...
and when i even mentioned adding his signature to her tattoo he cut me off and said his contract doesn't allow that ,....
doesn't allow what ??...him signing a body part ??....or his autograph being tattooed on someone ???