did I die and go to heaven?



In the last 2 days I have received Bambooie dreds and the AVP cannon from Pirk. OMG I think I died and went to heaven. Both of these are some serious quality items. The dreds are super soft and flexible yet surprisingly very strong. The cannon, gee what can I say, its beautiful. I would post pictures but there have been so many already posted of both of these items it would just be redundant. If you have been hiding in a cave in Afghanistan for the last few years and not seen a picture of them yet just search the forums, you will find plenty.


Lucky bastage! Lee is still waiting to recieve his dreads from Booie, and I am not ordering any till Booie has his new materials supplies.


i cnat speak for the cannon although im shure if it came from pirk its awsome. but bambooies dreads rock ive ordered several sets from him along with a set of his preator 1 style beads. and im never dissapointed with the quality or the service. if hes short on material he usually gets it fast and gets the orders out right away. he was out the one time i ordered some and i still had them a few days later.