Dilluted Concepts Predator Bust

Here is a Pred bust that I painted for Dilluted Concepts...
Scratch built a P2 style cannon for him, for "close encounters"
let me know what you think!

More pics on my site.
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Very nice indeed.

I'd still love to see a tutorial on how you did the Predator Elder model... heck, even some hints on the skin colours just to get me started.

I have one in my Christmas stocking and I am ready to go... :)


Crap that's awesome!

I visited your site, and I was totally blown away Joe! You've totally inspired me to get back into kit-building again. I really like your technique- the layering of colors, and the metallics. Man, that is just some bad-ass work there. I'm going back, I needs me some more eye candy.

Thanks everyone!
Yeah I love my Predators...heheh never enough time in a day to paint them all!
More goodies coming soon!
a far as painting goes, pick up the new Kitbuilders magazine "all girls" issue.....there is an article in there that may help!
thanks again!

Joe Dunaway