distortions pred p1 mask repair and restoration

This project started out around 25 years ago, when I saw an add in fangoria magazine for a pred mask, I fell in love with it and hoped one day to pick it up, as a kid from Liverpool England there wasn't much chance in that.

Years later I mentioned my love of this mask to a fellow collector who then said, I've got one,and even better it was for sale!, I did a deal and the mask was mine
When it arrived I was not very impressed, the mask was cool and huge, but it was also filthy and badly painted, disappointed I boxed it up and put it in storage.

Till now, around five years later I was going through boxes and found it again, so I decided to fix it up, repair the tears and wear and tear on the now 25 year old mask
here it is now, fixed up and repainted, pretty pleased to have it now, I added a cannon and mount to the shoulder, I may add some quills to it if I can find some



Man ... I can understand why you "weren't impressed" with the initial mask ... what is impressive how you saved it with a repaint! It looks Great!