Do I need a plaster sealer for casting in an UltraCal 30 mold?


Hello guys,
I want to create an UltraCal 30 mold on an Monsterclay model. After that I want to put silicone in there, but I saw in an YouTube video, that you have to put a sealer (mold soap plaster sealer, the link is below) on the walls in the inside of the plaster-mold before starting filling Silicone/ Latex in. But I'm living in Germany and it isn't possible to order a cheap plaster sealer (mold soap plaster sealer, the link is below) to Germany.
My questions are: 1.Is a plaster sealer necessary?
2.Is there an cheap alternative for mold soap plaster sealer?

Link to the only cheap plaster sealer I found: Mold Soap Plaster Sealer - 4oz


Jdr, check out my recently uploaded post on Re-creating Wolf Predator. I remold a suit using ultracal 30. Hope that helps . I would agree with LunaticNic about using Vaseline .
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