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  1. BlackDog

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    Introduction Of My Predator Build!

    Name: EN-THU-TUL

    Species: Predator – Yautja

    Hierarchy: Blooded

    Position: Xenomorph Queen Specialist.

    EN-THU-TUL is a Male Predator born of an Ancient.

    Blooded at a young age, EN-THU-TUL discovered early that he had a particular understanding of the Alien Xenomorph, having killed several during his own Blood Hunt. He went on to locate and kill as many forms of the Xenomorph species as he could find, traveling far and wide across the Universe.

    In his 876 Year, EN-THU-TUL encountered his first Xenomorph Queen in an historical battle that lasted 9 days and almost claimed his life. Instead of killing this Queen outright, EN-THU-TUL managed to capture it, dragging it out of the nest and putting it on “Display”. The Queen provided invaluable research for the younger Yautja and as a result, EN-THU-TUL became very respected for his contribution to the knowledge of Xenomorph warfare.

    Since he had proven himself in battle and captured an Alien Queen, he was able to move up the Hierarchy of the Yautja to that of an “Elite”. Although this was a great honor, EN-THU-TUL chose to remain “Blooded” and went on to become a specialist Queen Hunter/Enslaver.

    As he entered into his first millennia, He had mastered the process of Queen enslavement, designing a Dormant Freeze Cell and Restraint System required to not only secure the Xenomorph Queen, but to also harvest her Eggs. This system became the standard for seeding specialized combat facilities for the now organized Yautja Blood Hunts.

    EN-THU-TUL is one of the oldest Blooded Yautja who still actively hunts Xenomorph Queens. The result of earlier “illegal” seeding’s of colonized planets, have provided him a full and active existence and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

    Pics of build to follow! :)
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  2. Wreav

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  3. Jmen

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    Thats what im talking about! :cool::cool::cool:
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  4. Isubomo

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    MOAR!!!! MOAR!!!
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  5. Mille2ej

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    Lets just have this be the new movie script!
  6. BlackDog

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    LOL! thanks guys! I do have quite a back story on EN-THU-TUL. Most people think i am nuts, so thank god i found this forum :)

    Ok, so, a couple of update pics. Not to much further on due to "life" lol. But i am now fairly happy with where its heading. Character is starting to show now, which I love.

    IMG_4390.JPG IMG_4391.JPG

    Hope you guys like it so far. :) Keep you all posted!

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  7. Jmen

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    Hehe, you are nuts? :eek: well, you are. Thats why you are here and thats why Welcome To The Nuts Club, Dog! :D:D:D
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  8. BlackDog

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    Nuttier than squirrel shit mate :)
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  9. Wreav

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    Looks like a pred thats been out in the desert. Great work!
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  10. Isubomo

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    Oi. I'm Nuts. LOL :D

    Seriously though, that thing gets shmexier and shmexier each day (y)(y)(y)
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  11. Shogun

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    Cool story Bro ..... now the second step is to make your EN-THU-TUL head mold! :D
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