Don Jarr Scar bio


Im starting to do a little replacing of a few items. I was wondering if any body has any pictures of Don Jarr's Scar bio he did a while back. And also does any body have his email so i can contact him.

Thanks alot

Don Jarr

Hi m8

Found some pictures to post. I did join as soon as it swapped over, but have been drowning in work. I started making myself an R6 droid a few weeks ago, (like R2 D2, but with a cone head not a dome) and just through posting pictures of the bits I have done, have been swamped with enquires.

Anyway pictures of Scar Bio





I have also nearly finished my Chopper bio, but its been put on hold again due to I am spending all my time making stuff, leaving no time to work on new projects.

Last off I must say, I much prefer the new board, its much darker and more predator like

:) Don

Mortal Immortal

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Thats a nice looking bio, it has some texture on the surface which it makes it easyer to paint. Looks straight most bios I have seen are warped looking.

Don Jarr

Hi all

Hopefully the measurements are clear as to which is what:


As for straight that’s down to the mold. Some people make thin molds which don’t hold there shape. This is a monster of the mold with silicon in places two inches thick, plus it sits in a fibreglass cradle, formed round the silicon. So once the resin for the outer skin is poured and cured, the carbon fibre backing is done and it’s all left in the mould till the carbon has cured, which takes seven days as the mold can’t be autoclaved like you would normally to cure carbon fibre. So no mass production, but straight bio’s each time.



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Thats the nice thing about your Scar - there is no warping or uneven sides - the left matches the right perfectly...


Hi don, nice to see you here man!

I have the honor of owning one of Don's Scar bio and, I must say, it is one of the best bios out there in my opinion. The symetry and craftmaship is incredible and the finish and details are crisp. Lightweight too. Well money spent and his service is A+.