Dread Beads

I had a request for these. Since I never really got around to them originally I figured it was the perfect time to give it a go. These two are meant for far lower on the dread than most beads. I may still do one specifically for the tip itself. These still need a little cleanup etc.

This ones pretty simple and likely better looking with paint. Sort of a moon rock with tiny craters.

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This armored bead will likely fit close to towards the end of a dread. Maybe even hanging right over the tip a bit.

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And here's a shot for scale.

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I'm not officially back into beads yet but I'm currently remolding everything. I may put them back on the market once a couple other projects are off my bench.
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Nice update! I like the layers on the armoured bead. Have you been thinking of doing some beads that will cover the dread tip completely? Think P2 elder, but bigger/longer and more "stuff" to them (his are plain and on the very tip). 
Thanks guys.

CoolleKotten said:
Have you been thinking of doing some beads that will cover the dread tip completely?
I plan to sculpt one shortly.  The issue is that they become bulky if built around the dread tip.  Not to mention there are a variety of dreads out there. So the only idea I have at the moment is similar to what they did for avp but in reverse.  I'd end up casting a rod in the bead tip.  Then the dread would have to be carefully trimmed to match.  Just glue, insert, and you're done. 
I originally planned on a plain dread tip. After sculpting one I didn't like the look and took a small loop tool to it for the detailing. This is a pull from a junk mold I made. Now in resin I'll take out any lopsidedness and smooth down the surface. I've got some work to do. lol

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Jillian Paul

It's look fantastic dread tip. An the bottom tip maybe need a smooth round tip surface but every thing else it's good. I love your smart details. Can't wait for more of your awesome dreads tips ideas. Keep them coming.