Dred length....What is the right length.


My fellow Predators, I've searched through several pages on the topic of Dreds, but haven't found a definitive answer to this question. What do all of you consider a minimum and maximum length for Dreds? I've seen quite a variety of Dred length in photographs and videos posted on YouTube so I thought I'd ask your opinion.



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The smaller variants features on KPH's Jungle Pred are 16.5 inches.
AVP Dreads are between 22 inches - 30 inches in length.


Hey OldPred! :)

In my opinion, it really depends on you how long you want it. There's no right or wrong length, and that's what I love best about this community, customization. As how Kithunter, Andrew and Pete envisioned it when they first made the lair. :D

I made my custom dreads in 3 lengths, longest at 60cm(24in), medium at 50cm and shortest at 40cm. :) I’ve seen some go as long as 48in! Have fun! :D


Thanks guys, I've been struggling with this for awhile and as always my fellow clan members have come through!


I think it depends on the size of the head. If you know anyone that has a Wolf Predator 1:1 head, you could ask them to measure the dreds.