Drunken effort


Got up, hungover, saw undermask, attacked it. My first ever attempt at anything with an airbrush. Thought before I attempt a full head, Ill try an undermask first. Half an hour later, this is my result, not quite finished but the pub is calling! Did it with a Badger anthem airbrush, and its a bloody black art I tell you, but a lot of fun learning. Note the MASSIVE blot near the bottom of the small dots, I pressed it by accident to the howls of 'SH#T!!!!!!' LOL. Basically, for people who are starting out like me, get stuck in its fun, although most of my garage is now covered in pred colours, haha. Slate away people!




Veteran Hunter
When I first started drawing spots I noticed that I made all the spots as even as possible, but then when I looked at it from a bit farther away I could see that it looked too perfect and less organic. The more random, the more natural it looks.

Scott, I think your work is simply fantastic.

Swingfire, if you keep the spots more random you will find that it looks more like an animals spots would. Damn I love drawing spots! They take forever to do, but look good in the end if done properly.


Aha! Awesome, like the advice a lot, like I said its my first try, didnt use a picture as reference or anything, should have done really, was just a kind of post to say if I can attempt it, any muppet can! But yeh TMI I love that piece you have there, and predatrhuntr I see what you mean, totally agree, I shall strive to go that bit further!! Thanks again, Im off to the pub.