Duct Tape Head



Anyone have a tutorial on how to make just a duct tape head to sculpt on?


Do it the same way u make a body dummy. Just do smaller strips of duct tape.
ANd yea u will need to cover ur head in plastic wrap or something to prevent ur hair from being RIPPED out.

I would also do ur neck/shoulders with it as well, as a good base to lift it off ur work desk as well.

Fill it with great stuff expanding crack foam from HOME DEPOT.


Savage Yautja

Wrap your head in plastic wrap and run a rope down the baclk of your head from the top. Tape over this but have the tape wrap uo and over it closely. After you get the wrapping done you can cut where the rope is and slip your head out and still retain the shape of your head. Just tape it closed and fill with foam.

Don Jarr

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A couple of buddies of mine were helping me with making these duct tape dummy heads but I seem to be missing something. I am following your directions to the letter, I tried it two times, and most everything is working. I wrap their heads with plastic wrap, then I use about one and a half to two rolls of duct tape per head around their heads and shoulders. Then I pat them down to smooth out the form and then run next door to borrow something sharpe to cut with and then.....

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Sorry It's sick, but I couldn't resist. It's been that kind of day. Sorry again if I offended anyone..George


You think that's bad! Try doing this BY YOURSELF! I did that last week to make a base for my eyes to go on for Triton. I made sure I had a razor knife, and 2 pair of scissors right beside me. I took a small piece of water line tubing and used it to breathe, wrapped my head all up, then cut it off up the back of my head. Yes I got some hair but not really noticeable. Just be extremely careful if doing it alone. Do as I did and make sure everything is in reach and that you have a clear breathing tube. I would hate to have had someone knock on my door before I had it cut off.


I did this with the help of my girlfriend of the moment and by the time I was encased in cellophane and duct tape, I had already promised to re tile the bathroom and paint the bedroom hoover the house and a whole load of other things before I was let out......


whoever gave the idea should say LAYERING..layer the crack foam on...cause when i did it with eagleskull, the crack foam on the inside was still wet and the head was warped..crap now i gotta do it again