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    Ready to ship!!! DutcHudson Designs' take on the famous classic bio-environmental helmet from the movie "Predator". I have two of these currently available - one with about medium battle damage, the other with minor battle damage on the snout!

    I have these currently available on eBay.
    Light Battle Damage
    1:1 Predator Classic Bio Helmet Costume Prop Movie Replica Handmade AVP | eBay
    Medium Battle Damage
    1:1 Predator Classic Bio-Helmet Costume Prop Movie Replica Handmade AVP | eBay

    Hand sculpted by myself and cast out of polyurethane resin, reinforced w/ fiberglass cloth, and painted finish with a weathered metal look and a matte clear coat for protection. Features acrylic lens w/ aluminum mesh. Pictures don't do it justice!!!

    What you see is what you get - a really badass 1:1 scale custom painted bio-environmental helmet that will liven up your collectible room. This bio helmet is intended display purposes - the lens is not see through.

    *Measures approximately 12 1/2" at the widest and 22 1/2" from bottom of jaw to rear of helmet crown.

    **Comes with Tri-LED's w/ ON/OFF switch

    Additional pictures available upon request. Buyer pays shipping within the lower 48 United States. Raw kits and custom finishes available soon!
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    Dude bruticus666 this is truly cool.... i wish you good luck selling .... but i think you will sell it easily (y) :D some of the links does not work :(
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    Haha, thanks dude! You sure know how to make a fella' blush! Yea man, I still don't know how to use a freakin' forum...believe it or not, this is one of only 2 forums I've ever used...I'm semi-stupid when it comes to posting stuff, and make no bones about it....

    I fixed the links and just threw up some big ol' pics...but not all of em.
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